Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Sorting Out Sort Of Day

At Parent and Toddler's today Teen One did the activity, which the little ones really enjoyed.
I then left her to lead music time which is always very noisy, whilst I dropped Teen Two down to his work experience.
I say work experience, its more "game experience" since there seems to be more game playing than work!
I had spent some time with him yesterday playing shopkeeper online.
When I heard he was going to be using the till, I wanted to be sure he had a good grasp of counting back change etc.
I found a good website for playing shopkeeper games and improving maths skills.
However I needn't have worried, his mental maths was super quick and accurate, and of course tills are all computerised these days so the change will be worked out anyway.
Something that did interest me was his struggle to "count up" the change from the amount due to the amount paid.
It was something I spent a lot of my young teen years doing, having worked in various shops.
When Teen One was around I asked her if she could count up and she said it didn't come naturally, it was far easier to use newer methods (number bonds etc)
Interesting how maths has changed.
On the way home from Parent and Toddlers I spotted this box outside someone's house, so grabbed myself a few free herbs.
I have washed and frozen them.
Sadly the rosemary had all gone and I am not sure I can tell the difference between the marjoram and thyme!
After lunch I was in the mood for some sorting.
It started with the medicine boxes.
Teen Two and Hubby now have an extensive supply of personal medication, so they are now tidily in their own labelled boxes and the general box has been decluttered of all the out of date stuff.
The box is much emptier now, mainly because I threw out about six paracetamol boxes which had either no tablets or just one in them!
It seems I am shocking at opening up new boxes without making sure others aren't already open!
We also seem to have every sort of nit comb available to man!
I thought about throwing them out, but with Teen One spending more and more time with primary aged children I thought maybe not!
Teen One spent some time with her watercolours...
..before joining me with some sorting.
She tackled the stationery drawers....of which there were four!!
...aside from having an awful lot of pens/pencils, we have an awful lot of scissors, rulers and staples!
We will probably never have to buy any of these things for the rest of our lives or the Teens lives!
I know I used to like to keep a store in when the Teens were at school, they seemed to be forever losing/mislaying rulers, pens pencils etc and as I was always the kid in class who had to ask to borrow this that and the other, I was determined my own children would always have what they needed to do their work....think I may have got slightly over the top!
We also discovered oodles and oodles of pencil leads, all sizes and colours and in lovely plastic containers, I think they are destined for Freecycle, since Hubby has never used them since he saved them from the office bin when we lived in the US!
We now have lovely tidy drawers thanks to Teen One's perseverance.
We also have drawers that will close without crushing everything that is in it or causing it to fall down the back!
Meanwhile I was tackling under the stairs, which was in chaos ( how does it happen so often!)
but now its all stacked neatly and there is even space in there!
After all the work there had to be some sock knitting and a cuppa of course.
One sock finished, and second one cast on.

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  1. Paracetamol boxes!! It must run in the family!