Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Little Light Pruning?

This morning I promised to take Grandma to The Range for a few bits and pieces.
I got all the household chores out of the way then headed out to collect her at 10am, hoping I could persuade her to stop off for elevenses after the shopping.
The Range stocked all she wanted, and we went up to the newly refurbished café
Sadly the first two items we ordered weren't available ( latte and fruit cooler for Teen One)
Grandma was just about to accept the offer of an Americano instead, but I politely refused the offer and said we would go to the nearby Costa instead.
If I am going to treat myself to a coffee out I want something I can't get at home...anyone can make an Americano but it takes a barista to make a lovely latte!
Costa's thankfully had decaff coffee for the lattes and ice for the fruit cooler, so it was worth the short journey.
Back home it was time to tackle the ironing...
...then mow the lawn....
...then a little light pruning of an old climbing rose bush, ended up in complete dessimation of the poor bush!
It was a moving in present from my late great aunt and uncle so I was rather sad to see it come to such a sad end, but truth be told it had been slowly dying, and was more dead wood than anything.
As I was pulling off a huge dead branch the entire root came out of the ground!
Knowing how difficult it usually is to uproot established rose bushes, I could only think this was about to die off completely anyway.
I salvaged the remaining few blooms to enjoy one last time.
Whilst I was busy in the garden Teen One did the hoovering for me, before chilling with some sketching.....I must say, I am loving Milly's new favourite spot, the floor is where I prefer cats to be, not covering the furniture with hair...
...but I suspect this won't last long!
I soon joined Teen One for some chilling time and a cuppa with my knitting.
I am probably in the minority, but I was very pleased to see the rain come soon after coming in.
It will save me watering the garden tonight!

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  1. I know what you mean -as long as this rain doesnt last, and last, and last!