Tuesday, 2 May 2017

You Win Some You Lose Some!

Well it's hard to believe we have had a whole week of being back home, back into our old routine.
How we miss all the family we met over Easter, knowing its likely some of those meet ups were
"once in a lifetime" meets.
However we have the memories to look back and email is an excellent instant way to keep in contact.
I must apologise for my lack of updates on the blog...this was down to a bout of food poisoning, which was entirely my own fault!!
I had bought a tub of "new" morrocan cauliflower and cous cous in Morrison's last week, which looked very tasty.
For some reason I had thought it was a salad, and ate some of it with my dinner that evening.
I must admit it didn't taste as good as I was expecting, but you've got to try this things haven't you!
During the next 48 hours I was barely able to move, in so much pain and feeling so unwell.
During those long miserable hours I tried to think what had caused this and thought about the "salad."
It then occurred to me I had bought it from the veggie section and not the salad section...maybe this was the culprit?
Today whilst in Morrisons again I took a look at the packaging ( which I had binned before thinking about it) and read "Ready to COOK!"
It had the usual "ensure product is piping hot" etc, and we all know (well you do know if you didn't)pulses have to be cooked properly or cause, to my cost, food poisoning!
So...lesson learnt...read the label first!
Over the week I have gradually got stronger, but it has been a hard slog and I am only just now feeling more my old self.
The Bank holiday was spent preparing the conservatory for the builders coming this week.
I should have taken a proper "before" photo, with the conservatory full of stuff, but you can see the gazebo is full of things too big to store in the house...
...and the dining room looks like a scene from a hoarders house!
There is a teeny gap saved for Teen One to do her course work on!
The conservatory has long since been a useful room, its cold in winter ( not to mention damp) and too hot in summer.
The roof leaks ( onto the light!) the floor is rotting  (because of the leaking roof) the dampness causes all kinds of mildew problems ( including in the washing machine) and basically, it just is no longer fit for purpose.
So, we are having it taken down and rebuilt, having it levelled off as well, so it will be slightly larger.
It was slightly disappointing to say the least, when the builders emailed this morning to say they had to return to a job they had thought was finished on Friday.
A mix up with the scaffolders or  something, anyhow, I resigned myself to thinking, if it were me with loose ends to tie up as a client, I would be thankful they came straight away to sort the issues out.
They have emailed again, apologising profusely, saying they will definitely be here in the morning.
He did seem like a very genuine guy, right from the start, so lets hope that's the case.
Yesterday we had spent a couple of hours shopping, ahead of a wedding next weekend.
Today I realised we were a bag missing....thankfully only the one filled with Poundland bits and bobs...but it was frustrating none the less.
I have hunted high and low....but then when you think about the mess of the dining room, I guess its conceivable its in there somewhere!
I was feeling a bit irritated by the loss, not least because I wanted something out of the bag!
Instead of festering any longer, I made a cuppa and logged on to see what was going on in the world...
I opened my emails and ....surprise surprise....had been notified of winning a competition I had entered a few weeks ago!
I couldn't believe it!
In the middle of my sock knitting frenzy to take as gifts to Australia, I had read a review on
Elsie Pop's blog about the very wool I had been using, by West Yorkshire Spinners.
I hadn't seen the new Pink Flamingo shade, and thought it would be perfect for my pink loving Teen One, so left a comment, but really didn't think anymore of it!
I am thrilled to have won and as the sock frenzy has not worn off (the Aussie family are eager for more!) I will love using those beautiful coloured needles, instead of my basic Lidl set!
The prize is worth over £50  and I feel like a kid at Christmas!
So, today really has been a "win some, lose some" day!


  1. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning but glad to hear that you are on the mend. Well done on winning the giveaway - its a great feeling isn't it!

  2. So glad your win was a high point for you in a tough time! It's in the post so hopefully you'll get your hands on the lovely yarn-y pinkness soon! xx