Monday, 22 May 2017

What..Three Days and No Sock Knitting!

We were promised sunshine today...and we got exactly that!
How lovely its been!
The Teens both woke feeling well thankfully.
Teen One spent the day at her school placement whilst Teen Two of course has Monday's off
but he has been very industrious...
...he cleaned the car for me...
...cleaned out the gerbils and then cleaned out the bunnies.
The weather was so lovely I was able to get several loads of washing dry, but am missing my low line, which was taken down during the building work.
I just know Hubby is going to hate drilling into the new PVC conservatory!
I visited my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, who sadly wasn't well enough to come out today,
I must confess to starting to feel a little worried about her health right now.
The rest of the day was spent pottering, aside from a brief sit in the garden when my friend popped in during her lunch break...I think that's the first time we have sat in the garden this year, it was lovely!
The builder came by to check out the weather proofing and was disappointed to have a couple of small leaks, so he is getting hold of the roof manufacturers for some rubber seals to go in  between the struts.
Having not managed to fit in any sock knitting for a few days I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms!
Tonight I hope to remedy that!

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