Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Well The Garden Might Need The Rain...But....

... but my new roofless conservatory doesn't!
We awoke to the tarpaulin bulging with water!
The builders weren't too phased by it and simply slit the bulges catching the downfall in buckets
we now have buckets everywhere catching the streams of water coming through the slits, and I cant help but be concerned by the damp creeping up the newly applied plasterboard!
The builders called it a day at lunch time, they had hoped to get on with the plastering and a few other jobs, but that just wasn't possible.
I went tile shopping first thing and in the first shop I found a tile I liked and 33% off too!
The assistant allowed me to take a sample free of charge, which surprised the builder when I told him!
He gave it the ok, having told me not to buy too cheap or the tiles would crack under the first bit of pressure, or when being cut to size.
Tonight he is going to price up the job for me....fingers crossed its in my budget!
I also chose some lighting as the electrician is coming tomorrow, and was delighted after much searching to find what I wanted had been reduced by 50% when I went to collect it from B&Q!
Every penny  (or pound!) helps!
Before taking Teen One and her friend into Uni to drop off their assignments,
I made a start on some rainbow jellies.
We have a special conference at church this weekend and I know there will be some children there, so thought this would brighten up the tea table for them ( and my Teens will love them too!)
I took my knitting  in the car with me, just in case the girls were longer than expected, and as both decided to go to the library for some books to help with their next assignment, I was able to whip up a few rounds...

....but it will be a while before I do any more to this project as when we arrived home, the postie had been!
The colour on the right (Passion Fruit Cooler) is for my cousin's 22yr old son who chose it himself!
His sister's told me he had some eccentric styles.....all the more fun for me!
I am pleased to say King Cole have been more than generous in their response to my issue with the missing band of colour.
Not only did they respond to my email the same day, they have posted a replacement ball of yarn ( I didn't have the heart to say I had fallen out of love with the colour) and two more different shades!
It has renewed my confidence in buying their yarn again.
Mistakes can't be helped, but its good to know they care about customer satisfaction.
Thumbs up to King Cole!

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