Tuesday, 30 May 2017

We Have A Healthy Garden?

After my usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager ( a day late of course!) it was more painting for me.
I wasn't particularly enthusiastic it has to be said, this probably ranks as my most hated job,
however the transformation a lick of paint can bring is what spurs me on.
Today I tackled the purlin beam, which needed two coats (hopefully not three) and I was rather miffed to see a bird had left an unwanted present on my new glass roof!
Whilst painting the large wall yesterday I noticed the fascia trim was looking a bit grubby from the builders hand prints, so I got the ladder out to wash it down...only to discover its not fascia at all and was wooden, so THAT needed painting as well!
I gave the downstairs loo its third coat and also painted the door frame.
I hope that's the last of it, I really am running out of enthusiasm quickly, and almost threw in the towel part way through the afternoon....but remonstrated with myself and reminded myself if I finished it today, I wouldn't have to do it again tomorrow!
The final bit of painting for the day was this little bit of panelling above the new window.
I have a feeling it will need another coat, so the dreaded painting is not quite at an end for me.
The sun peeped out during the afternoon, and needing a break from the painting, but too mucky to sit down in the living room ( I am SUCH a messy painter!) I pottered around the garden.
A few years ago we decided to use woodchips to fill in various dormant spots in the garden.
However, it has proved to be a mistake, not only do neighbouring cats like to use it as a toilet,
it is the ideal place for woodlice to live.
We seem to have woodlice in abundance in our garden, which apparently means we have a
 healthy garden, and  although they are not considered pests, we have discovered they have a liking for the rabbit hutch!
The hutch was practically alive with them the other day!
So to minimise the amount of woodlice we have, I thought it wise to reduce the places they can live.
I have started to remove all the bark chippings and will replace it with some slate chippings.
I have cleared two of the three areas, the last area being the largest and right under the hutch, so I will need some assistance in moving that.
Teen One in particular does not like woodlice, especially dead ones!
When she was little most of their crafty toys lived in the conservatory and inevitably woodlice would find their way in then die, Teen One really really couldn't stand it when she came across them dried up in with her pencils, paper etc.
Quite why I am making such an effort for the bunnies is beyond me right now though!
I bought a lavender plant in Lidl's last week, thinking it would be too fragrant for them to munch on....
This little plant was full of lovely flowers...the little pickles have bitten the flowers off....
...and abandoned them!
So I have put it back in the pot and will have to nurture it for a while.
I keep saying I am going to fence part of the garden off and think that is going to be my next project!
Teen One has spent the entire day in the attic doing her assignment...she got a 1:1for her last one,
at least her hard work pays off.
She has only made appearances for lunch and dinner and is back up there now, I can't help feeling sorry for her!
Teen Two has amused himself and also called round to see Grandma and give her a game of Rummikub.


  1. Would a little picket fence help -or could the bunnies jump over it?

    1. thats what I would like, but its probably going to have to be a bespoke on, the ones I have seen are too low and the gaps too wide...another project for hubby!