Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Sun Has Got His Hat On....!

We have had a glorious weekend weather wise, with the sun well and truly showing its smiling face!
Saturday morning Hubby had been invited to a lecture by his brother, from the Creation Science Movement.
It was held locally, so I sent him off with a breakfast bap knowing he wouldn't have time for lunch afterwards.
The Teens and I pottered, I made an apple crumble for Sunday's dessert...using half wholemeal flour for a change.
When Grandma saw it she thought I had used Weetabix!
Just might try that one day!
After lunch we collected Hubby, then drove out to the countryside for a church conference at a tiny picturesque village.
We enjoyed the company and the Bible teaching and also the delicious tea, which we ate outside in the glorious sunshine.
Today was our usual sort of Sunday,
church first thing, followed by the traditional roast dinner
We had our usual games fest, minus Teen One who was working on her coursework, with the sun streaming in through the window.
There was a bit of sock knitting....
...and even a bit of DIY for Hubby!!
This is not something he usually tackles on a Sunday, but it was a case of needs must.
Once the glass roof is on, we wont be able to access the area above it, and as it hasn't been painted since we moved in 24 years ago, it was in dire need of it!
It's possible the builders will be putting some fascia on, but just in case, this will tidy the area up a little.
Tonight was church again as usual,
 and  a beautiful sunny evening with the birds singing, which really made for a lovely end to the weekend.

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  1. The sun makes all the difference - doesn't it?