Saturday, 20 May 2017

The End Is In Sight!

Today has been rather a busy one for Teen One and I.
We went to church late morning to get organised for our annual church conference.
I had made some jam jar rainbow jellies for any kids who came along with their parents,
there was a small handful and they enjoyed the little treat.
I also put out a Teen One's chocolate fountain, which they huddled around for most of the tea session!
However Teen One and I have decided we aren't going to keep it, its so small, and barely flows at all, it would be much easier to just put a bowl of melted chocolate out!
I think the problem is the size of the fountain, but it was only a tenner some years ago from Robert Dyas so what did we expect!
Teen One did her usual fruit flower display, which everyone enjoyed and felt were too pretty to eat...but what was the point in making them if no one was going to eat them I said!
I had taken along my tulips to decorate the tables with, adding some white stocks and gyp, some of which now adorns my kitchen window sill.
The builders came late morning to finish off making the roof water tight.
They are coming back on Monday to wash the roof down.
The conservatory and garden has been left clean and tidy, with none of the tools here or in the garage, so I assume that means their work here in the main is done.
I am still waiting for a price on the tiling, and no doubt I will have to wait a bit as I suspect they have a new job to start next week.
Life will still be chaotic indoors as I cant move everything out of the front room until the tiling is done, but at least the end is in sight!

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