Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Saying Goodbye To Another Friend

Today was the usual earlier than normal start for me, to get Teen One to school.
Hubby managed to hurt his eye somehow, it started out with getting shampoo in it, nothing too alarming about that, other than it caused way more pain than seemed necessary.
An hour later he had puss coming from his eye!
We can only assume that he maybe had a stye starting and that's why the shampoo was so painful?
We will of course keep an eye on things (pardon the pun!)
At 9am I collected Grandma, to go to Winchester.
Usually this would be a pleasant day out, but today it was for a funeral sadly.
A dear friend, who I got to see way less than I would like to have, died of  cancer a couple of weeks ago.
She is a little older than me, but age never seems to matter once you leave school!
She will be sadly missed, some people touch your heart more than others don't they, and she was one of them.
We used the Park and Ride service, which is very easy and cheap and has lovely views of Catherine's Hill from the bus stop.
After the funeral we went into Debenhams for a cuppa, Grandma's eldest granddaughter works there so we were hoping to catch her by surprise.
She was on lunch break when we arrived, so we indulged in some delicious toasted fruit bread whilst waiting for her.
We happened to see some church friends from a few miles away, so we had a catch up with them at the same time!
My niece came back on duty eventually and was of course surprised to see us.
We had a good catch up and confessed that Grandma had got rather irritated with the "bad service" when my niece was at lunch, and seeing a man waiting to be served and no staff at the counter, took it upon herself to go through the "staff only" door and shout out loudly
I sat lower and lower in my seat hoping no one noticed!
Having said our goodbyes, Grandma wanted to walk up Winchester High Street to try and recapture the picture from a jigsaw puzzle we bought her last year Christmas...this is the old High Street...
..and this is it today.
I didn't have the picture with me so was pleased I wasn't too far out!
As we walked back to the bus stop I couldn't help wondering what this would be like!!
Having tried beetroot cake and enjoyed it (don't knock it till you've tried it!) I thought it would be an experience!
Shame we didn't have time to stop!
We were touched to see this simple memorial for the Manchester tragedy, 22 candles and flowers for the 22 victims who have lost their lives.
Back home, I wanted to make the most of the wonderful weather and get some more washing out, but at the moment I still only have one line....but undeterred, I wrapped the detached lower line around the gazebo and managed to get a machine load out on it!
Not the prettiest of sights I know, but never mind!
I don't know how long this weather is going to last, but I wish someone would take my free leather sofa off my hands so I can get the garden furniture under the  gazebo again and enjoy this lovely weather!


  1. Have you tried posting the free leather sofa on a local facebook freebie site - things normally get taken on ours in minutes!

    1. That's just where its been advertised! However, today after I posted a "last chance" message someone wanted it and is coming Tues :)