Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Praying For Manchester

Last night I went to bed rather dreading today...the usual six month dental check up being the reason for my wishing to fast forward the day!
However, when I woke and logged on to my Facebook account, I had a message from a friend across the Atlantic saying how sorry she was to hear about the Manchester tragedy.
At that point I had no idea what she meant, but it didn't take long to catch up with the very sad news.
As a parent I can imagine the horror of the incident unfolding and the panic that would have set in trying to get responses from texts and phone calls...and in turn the agony of knowing some children would have learnt that their parents waiting for them in the foyer had been caught up and killed or injured in this atrocity.
So very very sad and our hearts and prayers go out to all involved.
So....a visit to the dentist was a walk in the park and I chided myself for being such a baby!
On arriving at the dentist for 8.45am I was told my usual dentist was on holiday ( 4mths!!) and I had a lady dentist instead.
I don't know why, but instantly I was more at ease and when I met her I was completely at my ease.
She was chatty and talked me through all she was doing.
Even when she said a small filling was needed in between two teeth I wasn't a bit concerned.
Normally that would fill me with dread at a return visit.
 I am sure it was her easy  "bedside manner" that made all the difference.
My usual dentist is very solemn and doesn't talk at all, even when I try to make small talk he answers with only one or two words.
When I went to make the next appointment I was offered a cancellation at lunch time, which I accepted immediately.
I spent the next couple of hours not worrying at all and even when back in the chair, the injection didn't bother me ( it was a bit painful too) and the drill still managed to hit a nerve which made me jump with the pain, but even that didn't phase me, I felt completely at ease with the lovely lady dentist.
So, its not my fear of pain clearly, its my fear of the man himself!
What a shame he is only gone for four months!
All you dentists out there, take time to just talk to your patients, it can make all the difference!
Whilst waiting for the lunchtime appointment I popped in to town for a few bits.
A family member who we are meeting up with at the weekend has a grandson who is going to Africa in the summer to help out at a Christian mission station.
He is taking out as many essentials/toys as he can and has asked for contributions to fill his case.
I picked up a few bits, thinking of things that are light, don't need batteries, would be suitable for boys or girls etc.
The bottom  two items are giant polystyrene gliders, they look great fun and I thought would keep the kids occupied for hours.
Skipping ropes are always popular as are frisbies etc.
I have a collection of guest soaps from various hotel visits, so will include them and also buy some sanitary products later in the week.
The sock knitting recommenced last night, bliss!
I was slightly unsure about the heel turn, as I have made this sock bigger than previous ones, but I am thrilled that Christine's instructions for changing sizes are very comprehensive so I needn't have worried!

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