Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Overnight Visitors!

This morning I pottered around, catching up on paperwork, before tackling some ironing.
The weather was lovely, but aside from hanging out the washing, before the builders arrived, there was no way I could make much use of the lovely day.
I also accepted the Uswitch quote...well who wouldn't with an annual saving of almost £400!
The second stage of the process was very easy, simply enter our bank details.
I hope the rest of the process is as straight forward.
I then  had to take Teen One into Uni to hand in an assignment and also have a one to one with her tutor.
I've pretty much exhausted the local shops near Uni, so decided to use the hour and a half free to take a drive into the country instead.
It was lovely to be out and see places I wasn't familiar with.
I stumbled across a small retail park with a Home Sense store.
I have shopped in the US version (Home Goods) so was intrigued as to what it sold.
It had an interesting selection of home goods and I bagged a couple of bargains in the clearance section.
I also checked out Pets At Home for "walk in" cat litter trays.
With the new lay out of the conservatory, the cat litter tray will be on show, so I want to camouflage it as much as possible!
I was surprised to see them start from as little as £10!
Although I rather like the look of a Curver one, but baulked at paying £48,
however Amazon have the same one for £34
I am considering grey/black floor tiles ( cream was a big mistake with muddy boots coming straight in from the garden during winter!) so this one should blend in pretty well.
I came home to the new floor filled in!
Wow, the space looks enormous!
The washing however is going to have to stay out for a while longer as the builder has my garage door key...
...and the new floor outside of the kitchen door is still soft!
Hopefully Hubby has a spare key and I can retrieve it when he gets home.
Hopefully no neighbourhood cats will pay us a visit over night....unlike last night!
I noticed the pile of grit had paw prints all over it...hopefully no unwelcome presents as well!
It certainly wasn't our cats as the cat flap is locked overnight.

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  1. I can feel your excitement!! It's looking great!