Thursday, 25 May 2017

Making Wishes Come True For A Dear Friend

Today has indeed been the hot day they promised!
It was lovely to see the tots at Parent and Toddlers in pretty summer dresses and little shorts.
Back home I had a delivery from Amazon.....could it be mistaken for a sewing machine box do you think?
It is of course the new deluxe litter tray for the cats!
It will be so much more discrete than the traditional one we had before.
I have left the door off for a while, to get them used to knowing that's where they have to go.
I sorted out my stash of hotel soap bars, ready to take to London at the weekend, where they will ultimately be taken to Africa.
I was surprised to count up almost 50 bars!
Not that we have had the pleasure of staying in hotels 50 times, but we often get a collection of toiletries for each of us in the family room.
A close friend of mine has always envied my high line.
A couple of years ago I stumbled across a local man who made up high lines (basically scaffolding poles) and made enquiries to buy one.
Unfortunately he was unable to fit them, only supply and deliver.
I told my friend if she could find a local handyman to fit it (her hubby isn't too hands on!) then I would buy it for her for Christmas.
Well the years have gone by and the belated present got forgotten about.
This week when she was round she, I was hoisting up my line and she said again how she envied it, so, my mission this week has been to get it sorted once and for all!
I got hold of the same man, who now also fits them!
Turns out he lives in the next road to us and I pass his house just about every day!
When trying to arrange a suitable time, he offered this afternoon as he had a cancellation.
So, I went round with the money and learnt from his wife he had already left to put it up!
This is the result and my friend is over the moon,
in her own words its a "wish come true!"
She can't wait to use to tomorrow, for tonight she has to be patient and let the cement dry.
She is badgering me to pay for it, needless to say I won't be accepting and have told her she would deny me the pleasure of doing something special for a special friend if she persists.
Isn't it great to be able to give someone something so very simple, but will bring great pleasure.
It's clear she is a bit of a nutter like me and just loves to hang washing out and admire the scene!
Who couldn't love this scene!

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  1. I've seen her post on facebook - wondered it if came from you!