Thursday, 4 May 2017

Look What The Postie Brought Me!

Going back to last night, when Hubby came home, it was pressie and card opening time.
The Teens always make our cards, this was Teen One's (oh to be able to draw like that!)
Teen Two downloaded pictures of some of Hubby's favourite things....
...and I loved the verse he put inside, it's the second verse to "Happy Birthday" which we sing to the Sunday School children on their birthday.
Teen Two also created a musical performance on Wii Music, using some of Hubby's favourite songs and of course Happy Birthday was one of them.
At Parent and Toddler's this morning, it was my turn to do the activity, so I made these
 simple"Round and Round the Garden" plaques.
All you need is a paper plate (or a circle of card)
Teddy shapes (Teen One made these for me)
Split pins (check parents are ok with these for little ones)
Flower and bug stickers.
The children coloured the plate green for the grass, then created their garden with the sticker,
I put the teddy on.
Each time a plate was completed I sang the song with the tot...and of course they loved the unexpected
"tickly under there" at the end when I ran my fingers up their up and tickled their neck.
Back home and tucking into some lunch, the door went.... was the postie...with a parcel for little old me!
And look what was inside!
My prize from Elsie Pop's blog!
How exciting!
Needless to say, I was eager to get my hands on my lovely prize,
how I love WYS yarn and this Pink Flamingo is no exception.
As I am totally uninamoured with my current sock yarn...I can see myself abandoning it and casting on this plush pink with those delightfully colourful new Knitpro DPN needles!
Eager to try out the new needles, I grabbed my knitting and whipped up a few rows.
These needles are beautifully smooth and so easy to use.
All we have to see now, is how long it takes me to abandon this drab yarn and cast on that
gorgeous Pink Flamingo!
As for the builders, well they have been hard at it all day and levelled the ground, then
put in the footings for the new wall.
I do love the way they clear up thoroughly before going away each day.


  1. Lovely celebrations from the teens and the building work is coming on x

  2. So glad you're enjoying the prize! xx