Thursday, 18 May 2017

Learning Lessons On Our Vehicle Taxing System!

Well the rain did finally stop yesterday and we awoke this morning to sunshine, sadly by mid afternoon the rain had settled in for the rest of the day, meaning the builders didn't achieve as much as they had hoped.
They did however get the purlin beam put up ahead of the glass roof going up tomorrow.
The electrician came around lunch time and sorted out the power.
Originally we were told we couldn't have a light in the same place ( the middle of the conservatory) so I chose a bar spotlight set yesterday to go above the door ( as suggested by the builder) and spread the light around.
Today however the electrician said it was fine to go on the beam, so that's what we went with, but I would have chosen a different style I think had I known that was possible.

I spent the morning at Church for Parent and Toddlers.
One of our mums has been absent for a few weeks.....and came long today with her new arrival!
A bonny bouncing boy!
As usual we presented her with a hand knitted baby cardi...

...and a Baby's First Bible.
The builders had the power off during the afternoon, so my plans to sit and chill for a bit and either surf the net or watch some TV went out of the window.
After a bit of pottering I heard the postie come and was rather shocked to open a letter from the DVLA saying I should have renewed my car tax at the end of April and if I hadn't done so, should not be driving my car!
I must admit to having received a previous letter, but had been told when the car was bought, it wasn't eligible for tax, so after briefly reading the letter and not seeing an amount payable, assumed it was just the DVLA's computer churning out unnecessary paperwork!
After hastily phoning the DVLA I learnt that whilst no payment is due, I still have to go through the process of taxing the car for legal purposes.
Seems a bit of a waste of time and money if you ask me, but to comply with the law I did of course go through the process.
I was rather mortified to think that I could have been stopped at any time and be deemed as driving an untaxed car and maybe get a hefty fine!
Lesson learned!
For Teen One it was a day back in school, for her second placement.
They had all hoped to be given different schools, but have all been sent back to the original school, which has its challenges!
Today happened to be the first day of OFSTED as well, so the poor teachers didn't really want to have students in the class as well, so Teen One and friends spent the morning in the staff room, reading through boring informative!
With the power back on, I made the most of the last half hour before dinner needed to be made, and enjoyed a quick cuppa and started the new sock yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners, Passion Fruit Cooler and am really enjoying it.

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