Saturday, 27 May 2017

"Kids, We're Going To Slough!"

That advert always makes me smile!
Today, we were going very near to Slough to visit family, and when we passed the signs for Slough
Teen Two mimicked the ad saying "Kids we're going to Slough!"
Slough, for those not familiar with it, is  no doubt a pleasant place to live, but is not known for being a place of any particular interest, unless of course, like the family in the ad, you have loved ones living there.
Before we set out on our journey however, we woke to discover the heavy thunder storm last night had leaked rain into the conservatory!
Oh dear, those poor builders, they are going to be glad to see the back of this job!
I always take the desserts, and knowing our cousin loves jelly, I made some rainbow jelly...
...and traffic light jellies
Banoffi pie...using a biscuit crumb base instead of a pasty base...
...and some mini "offi" jam jar puds....which was everything but the banana, with mini marshmallows instead.
A cheats lemon cream mousse was quick and easy,
whisk up a tin of evaporated milk and add lemon jelly diluted with only half a pint of water.
When the mousse was set spread a layer of lemon curd, then a layer of whipped cream with more lemon curd mixed into the cream.
Serve with fresh blueberries and raspberries, which whilst it would look nicer with the fruit piled on top, I add to the individual portions as not everyone in the family likes fruit... for some added texture I bought this pack of waffles in Lidls.
I had seen the packs from a distance and not really taken much notice of them, and picked them up on a whim.
It wasn't until I unpacked them at home that  I noticed they were caramel wafers with a hint of cinnamon.
I just had to try one straight away and mmmm it was delicious!
When I served the lemon mousse after lunch today, with the fruit and waffle one of the cousins said the waffles were lovely placed on top of a hot drink, allowing the caramel to go all gooey.
Apparently this is a popular trend in coffee shops, where the waffles are a couple of pounds for two.
This pack of 8 was £1.35!
On the way home we called in to Lidl to buy some more and try this new trend out!
Mmmm... lovely! What have we started!
 I bought three packs naughty me!
On each visit we see more and more buys from QVC....our cousin really is the QVC Queen I think!
These veg trugs looked interesting I must say.
The weather was lovely and the Teens enjoyed the Swingball...which reminded me it was around a year ago Teen Two first fell in love with the game here.
Hubby and I spent the afternoon chatting listening to all the latest ( and not so new) family news.
We always enjoy our visits, we are always very well fed and the Teens always enjoy meeting up with everyone.
There's nothing quite like family get togethers is there!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day - and those puddings -mmmmmmmmmmmm