Thursday, 11 May 2017

Interior Design Inspiration Anyone?

First thing this morning the door bell was a delivery man with some "sheets."
I wasn't aware we were having a delivery, but with the builders due any time I assumed it was something to do with the conservatory.
"Just put it in the front" I told the delivery man.
I would have suggested taking it through the garage, but didn't have the key to gain access from the back and wasn't sure if I should walk on the newly laid floor.
It was only when he gave me the receipt that I saw it was almost £1000 worth of goods!
Hmmm......not the best idea to leave it out in the front after all!
So I braved walking on the floor and asked the guy to pass it over the garden wall.
Little did I know some of the "sheets" were six metres long!
Quite how we did it I don't know, but manage it we did and by the time the builders arrived, the garden was full of white lengths of "profile" I learnt the proper word was.
The builders were very apologetic I had been put to such trouble ( well it was for me so I didn't see it as trouble to be honest) and explained the delivery was booked for the afternoon.
With the early arrival of the profile, they were able to get the frame work up, making it really start to look like a conservatory!
I still cant get over how big it looks inside!
I really really really DO NOT want to fill all that lovely space and will be thinking very hard what to put in there.
Some armchair window shopping hasn't really inspired me yet, and I am loathe to put back the old furniture!
Oh to be an interior design guru!
For the first time in days we were able to let the bunnies out, once the builders had left for the day...
...they were happy to be out finally and straight away started investigating the
changes that had been made.
I spent the morning at church, as usual, with Parent and Toddlers.
This afternoon I cut out some fish ahead of tomorrow's Friday Club.
I bagged up an entire charity sack worth of old videos, with the promise from Teen Two of more to come!
I even managed to fit in a spot of sock knitting.
Having turned the heel, I always feel like I am on the homeward straight...
and I will be so pleased to see this colour done and dusted.


  1. Love the socks, well done winning the competition. I've just ordered Christine's sock book. I don't know how I'm going to get on with it as I've only ever done - dpns or 2 x circular needles, one for the front and one for the back. I believe her method is dpns and one circular. All the best with the builders. Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, don't be deterred by the first few rows of dpns...once you get cracking its easy! I tried DPNs years ago and declared it was not for me! However now I am totally addicted! I did buy a small circular needle but didn't get on with it, it was so tiny it was like knitting with matchsticks. Plenty of advice and support available from Christine and the gang so keep at it and be warned, its addictive!

  2. The conservatory is looking great - how I recall planning not to overfill the room! what went wrong?