Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Have U Switched?

Yesterday I mentioned this little clock, which no one in the family could get to work, and yet the little man at the independent watch repair shop, where it was bought, got it going straight away!
Well sadly, the alarm didn't go off this morning, so there was nothing for it but to pay the kind and patient man another visit!
He is one of these men, who has been in the same shop all his working life, just ticking over a living I imagine.
When I went in yesterday he had removed some links from an elderly lady's watch
"How much do I owe you?" she enquired
"Nothing" he said...
"It only took a couple of minutes"
Such a sweet man.
I had suggested he hold on to the clock for a couple of days, as I suspected it was an intermittent problem...but when he couldn't get the clock alarm to work he offered me a new clock.
Pink was the only option...I hope Grandma is ok with that!
I spent the morning spring cleaning the bedroom ...just where does all the dust come from!
I then took it into my head to move the large collection of videos/dvds up to the attic.
They have been on the landing for a number of years, making a very narrow walkway,
whilst I have resisted filling our guest room with "stuff"
I figured this space under the eaves wasn't being used, so would be an ideal hideaway for them.
I am going to get the family to try and reduce the number though, some have were picked up for pennies at charity shops and have never been seen!
So the landing is now nice and clear...apart from this little retro
sewing box, which used to be at the bottom of the stairs, but looks much better here.
However....I would like to find somewhere else for it ( and maybe not in our house!)
Our home is rather full of other people's cast offs, which I don't mind at all, but the house just isn't big enough for it all, so some downsizing of furniture is needed I think....it must be catching as Grandma and Grandad are also downsizing furniture ( and house) wise.
The builders have been working hard again, this small wall is up to it's intended height and the wall to the right is being "filled in."
A delivery has arrived ready to screed the new floor tomorrow
All these different levels, from the loo, kitchen and other half of the "old" conservatory" will be one level, we will just have one step from the garden into the conservatory, instead of walking straight out into the garden.
We are always hearing that if you haven't switched energy suppliers in three years, then you probably should.
Seeing as our energy bill has been pretty level for a few years, and actually went down last year,
we hadn't bothered.
But having just had sent in our meter reading, they have sent a bill saying the next monthly amount they want to take is £50 more!
So, today I went onto U Switch, it was a very easy process, especially as our supplier ( and presumably all suppliers) had sent an email a few weeks ago with our annual usage.
No surprise to learn they only want to raise it £10 a month from what we pay now.
I hope the process is as easy as the enquiry was.

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