Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Getting Value For Money...Or Not!

Today was my car's first service and conveniently clashed with a friend coming down from Leicester.
I say conveniently, because it meant I could make good use of the three hours we had to wait for the car to be seen...and also had my friend to taxi us around!
We met up at a nearby Tesco before heading off for brunch at a local Marina.
The weather was lovely, sunny but with a breeze to keep us cool.
We opted for the Harvester, but I was disappointed with my "Eggs California"
It was "smashed avocado" on a muffin with a poached egg....well I had to search for the avocado and eventually found less than a teaspoons worth.
Very disappointing indeed and we had to wait 45mins for it, in a fairly quiet restaurant as well.
Teen Two fared better with his cooked breakfast, which was two pounds cheaper and three or four times the amount of food.
Not that I could have eaten that amount, but he definitely got his value for money.
Needless to say I completed the online survey and when asked if my meal was value for money chose the "disagree strongly" button.
There is a Cotton Traders at the Marina, and I saw this pretty linen blend blouse reduced from £35 to £17, pretty good value for money I thought!
Haven't tried it on yet but hoping its ok as I really like the delicate floral print and mix of lime green with the pink.
We then went for a walk along the shore.
Teen Two is known for collecting sticks on walks...this has got to be the biggest yet...needless to say it didn't come home with us, but he enjoyed peeling off the bark whilst my friend and I sat and caught up with family news.
Once my car was ready for collection, we called back into Tesco to buy some slate chippings I had spotted whilst waiting for my friend earlier.
I had been checking out the price last night at DIY shops, and these seemed very good value for money!
I bought six, then had a bit of a wobble about whether they were too heavy for the car.
With no weight listed on the bag I just had to make an educated guess that they couldn't possibly weigh more than five people.
Teen Two helped me load them into the trolley and then into the car and then back out of the car...with a lot of huffing and puffing!
Grandma had called whilst we were out to ask if Teen Two would go round and mow her lawn today, so he went to do that whilst I lugged in the slate.
I decided it wouldn't be sensible to carry them, so found an old curtain and dragged them in one by one.
It was remarkably easy!
The weather was so lovely, I decided to do a bit more soil removing before laying down the slate...
...these bunnies are so inquisitive!
Both of them came over to see what I was up to and get involved in the digging!
Eventually the heat got to them and they found some cool mud to relax in!
Having laid the first lot of slate, I remembered last year I had bought a sheet of weed proof membrane...would have been a good idea to lay that here I guess!
Oh well, there are larger areas to deal with so I will use it there and if there is any left over re lay this small area.
I am hoping this slate will deter the local cats...I really cant think they will want to dig away the heavy slate to leave unwanted presents for me.
Teen One spent another day hard at it in the attic, and came down delighted late this afternoon having finally finished her assignment!
Her goal was to finish it in time to enjoy her birthday work free!
All her hard work over the past few days has paid off.
All we need to do is post it would have thought in this modern age it could be emailed!

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  1. the slate looks great - really fresh and modern!