Friday, 5 May 2017

Fun With Puff Paint

This morning was a cold and dreary start, but seeing as I only had chores to do, and a quick dash to town, it didn't really matter.
I managed to retrieve my "lost" bag from Monday, (with everything intact!) and gave the shop assistants some choccie biccies to have with their tea break as a thank you for keeping it for me.
The builder spent the morning fitting the new kitchen window.
There wasn't anything wrong with the old one, but the line of the new roof was causing some issues, so they suggested a new window, which in the grand scheme of things wasn't that much and actually makes me realise how old fashioned the other one was.
The fact that I had to use an upcycled golf stick, with a hook on the end, to open the little louvre at the top, goes some way to showing how impractical the window was anyway!
I will be able to open this one with ease and it will also be way easier to clean!
As usual the builder left outside lovely and clean, they are the tidiest workmen ever!
This afternoon was spent making up batches of "puff paint" for the Friday club kids.
It is quick, easy and cheap to make.
If I were doing it with my kids at home, I would let them mix it up, but we don't have the time for that at club.
These icing bags from Poundland are perfect for bagging up the "batter", although I was disappointed our local store didn't have any recently, my stock is getting low!
As usual, the activity was a hit
...each time we do this I think it wouldn't be too hard to make an edible version.
This version is only water, baking powder, food colouring and salt, so just switch the salt for sugar maybe?
Worth a go sometime anyway.
Our Bible story today was the blind man whom the Lord healed by putting mud on his eyes.
We got the children to make faces, then when the puff paint had been microwaved and cooled, get them to close their eyes and "feel" the features of the face, just as a blind person would do.
Needless to say, this activity lends itself to all sorts of other themes too.

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