Monday, 15 May 2017

Double Blessings!

Well we might have had glorious sunshine over the weekend, but today was a different story!
It was grey and wet.
The builders sent a text to say unless the weather improved, they wouldn't be able to crack on with the next phase today, and as the weather did not improve, it was a day lost to the project sadly.
As usual I visited my Monday Recycled Teenager, went shopping and then back home in time for a friend calling in for lunch.
As my friend has increased her workload whilst a colleague is off for chemo, a Monday visit will probably be a regular Monday's is shopping day, it sounds like the perfect excuse to bring back a treat for us both!
Talking of treats...she brought me in a bunch of flowers....tulips too...I really am in love with tulips at the moment!
My friend had no sooner left than the door bell was my late neighbour's son....
...with another bunch of flowers...tulips too!!
So it was double blessings for me today, whether I am in the kitchen or the living room I have these lovely beauties to admire!
Teen Two and I popped in to town.
We took two charity bags worth of unwanted videos and DVDs to leave in Sainsbury's, who have a table for book and video donations for local causes.
I really like this idea, giving locally, and have picked up several books and DVDs in the past...some of which were probably back on the table, having been enjoyed by ourselves and now feel its time to pass on for someone else to enjoy.
When we arrived home the postie had been...and what a relief to see a package from Australia,
containing Teen One's favourite hat, which I had accidently left behind.
The bizzare thing is, I felt sure I had left it in the apartment we stayed in on the second week, I "vividly remembered" putting it in the wrong can you be!!
It had been in my cousin's house, where we had stayed for the first few days.
I am shocked at how much it cost to send something so light, over $20!
After a much needed cup of tea, I settled down to some sock knitting, before tackling the housework.
I really need to get this sock finished, I ordered two balls of yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners today, I just know once it arrives I will want to cast on the stitches and get cracking with the pretty colours!

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