Friday, 19 May 2017

Customer Service Is King (Cole!)

I was delighted to wake to sunshine this morning, it meant the builders would be able to get the roof on and get the plastering done finally.
I had shopping to do, not only family food for the weekend, but church food too, we have a conference tomorrow and I pick up what's not been volunteered by the other members.
With that job out of the way, I came home to find this parcel waiting for me!
It was the wool from King Cole, to recompense me for the faulty ball I had complained about.
As FQ2FF said "Customer Service is King!"
I will have enough sock yarn to keep me going for quite a while that's for sure!
Thank you King Cole for caring about your customers!
After the usual chores, I took time out to do a bit of knitting.
For the first time  I am attempting to make this pair bigger, seeing as they are for a man.
I am using the pattern from Winwick Mum's blog for the bigger size. Its the decreasing that will be interesting!
The builders worked hard, the main slog is done, everything else should be less time consuming and not weather reliant.
Its lovely to see the blue skies through the new glass roof.
Its tinted, so is dark from the outside, to minimise sun damage and intense heat inside, but from inside it looks clear...very clever!
Local cats used to use our old roof as a short will be funny to see them walking across this one...if they brave it of course.
At the risk of repeating myself, I found some tiles that were within my price range earlier in the week, and the kind man at Topps Tiles worked it out to be just over £300, with their current sale price.
Today I went in to buy them, only to discover they don't hold many tiles in stock, and it would be two weeks before they arrived, which was longer than I wanted to wait unless I really had to.
Whilst considering my options I asked for a final price, as I wanted two square metres less than I had originally asked the assistant to price up.
When today's assistant worked it out it was almost £700!
I explained  I had asked for a price on Monday and it was half that price, of course I hadn't asked for a print out (which she said I should have been given anyway) so it was only my word against theirs.
Well this really put a different spin on I said I would come back tomorrow but needed to look around first.
I went straight to Tile Giant...on the same estate, walked straight in saw more or less the same tile...just a slight difference in size, asked the assistant to price it up....£300+ and would be available by Tuesday!
Seeing as only an hour ago I had activated a 10% off purchases with my bank card for Tile Giant I didn't need to think twice about the purchase
The builder suggested today we have tiles instead of skirting as well...which I wasn't sure about when he explained it, but I happened to notice its in the above picture and quite like the painting of skirting every few years, just a swish over with the mop when I clean the floor.
We have yet to get a price for the job, we have already spent way more than we intended....but I guess if its worth doing, its worth doing well.
At Friday club our Bible story was the Good Samaritan, for the activity we did cut outs of the children's hands and then got them to write along the fingers ways in which they could show kindness or be helpful to those around them.

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