Monday, 8 May 2017

An Industrious Day

Today has been an industrious one for all of us.
Teen One has been hard at it with her course work ( with the tiniest of spaces on the dining room table!)
Teen Two has been working his way through some Maths and English worksheets
The builders have made some progress on the wall of the new conservatory
It's exciting to see it coming together, and the brickwork is soooo neat!
To the left will be the door to the garden and to the left will be sliding French doors, the same as we had before, which in the summer allows us to open the house right up, bringing the outside inside!
They also added some pine cladding above the kitchen window, which will blend in with the rest of the kitchen, the style we inherited when we moved in.
A lick of paint and it will look like its always been there!
The day for me has also been a flurry of activity, visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, visits to various shops, including a watch repair shop for Grandma.
She had bought this clock last week, but couldn't get the alarm to work.
Hubby and I had a look at it yesterday, but couldn't get it to work, so I took it back today,
and you know what I am going to say....
the shop owner took it out of the box, set the alarm and it worked first time!!
Not only that, but the thing kept buzzing in the boot all the way home!!
Goodness knows how he managed to do it, but do it he did!
The afternoon was spent doing endless laundry ( and having to walk round to the garage to access the washing line or drier after each load, so as not to get in the way of the workmen!)
By 3pm, with dinner in the oven and the house as clean as it can be given the circumstances,
I sat down for a breather and some more sock knitting.
I still don't like this King Cole shade at all, but am more enthused about finishing it off as family in Australia have given it the thumbs up!
I will be glad when its done though.
They have also seen some West Yorkshire Spinners yarn they like, so I will order that and whip up a pair or two for them.

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