Friday, 12 May 2017

Always Behind The Times!

Today Teen One and I took some friends out for a celebratory coffee and cake.
The excuse reason for the celebration was of course Teen One passing her driving test last week.
We went to our favourite tea shop out in the country, who serve the best home made scones for miles.
Our friends agreed and are keen to return with the rest of their family soon.
Their little granddaughter loves Teen One and takes her by the hand whenever she sees her to go for a little walk
The weather wasn't very special when we were out, but by the time we arrived back home the blue skies were starting to show...and the builders have made great strides with the roof struts.
I am hoping that by this time next week it will be ready for Hubby putting the finishing touches to it, like laying the glad we have a Bank Holiday coming up!
At Friday Club the kids enjoyed decorating their fish.
We made a little "mouth" for the fish, and gave each child five pence to put inside on a sticky pad, to reinforce the story of the tribute money the Lord was miraculously able to pay...and of course they can buy themselves a few penny sweets with the money tomorrow.
Over the past week I have heard  on the radio about the latest craze
"fidget spinners."
I didn't have the faintest idea what they were, until one of the children brought one to club tonight.
Goodness knows whoever thinks up these things, or how they become popular and whilst the loom band craze was more productive to my way of thinking, having had a little play with this tonight I can see the attraction...being a "fiddler" myself!
I believe they are only a couple of pounds so that's not bad at all and as it is "shop" at Friday Club in a couple of weeks I may splash out on a few.....I just hope the craze hasn't peaked yet...I bought a stash of loom bands when they were all the rage...except by the time I bought them they had peaked and I still have several packets left over!!
I was always the same as a kid, never up with the latest craze or fashion!