Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Long But Productive Day

Today was a very long day....purely because it was a short night!
I woke at 2.15am and couldn't get back to sleep.
Hubby got up around 3.15am and then went downstairs...which mystified me somewhat.
When I looked out of the window, he was in the garden with the torch....trying to catch the bunnies!
He had, I learned told Teen Two he would put them away before coming to bed, but forgot!
We have lots of urban foxes up and down our alley most nights, so its not worth the risk leaving the out.
At 4.15 we were still both wide awake, so I went downstairs to make us a cuppa.
We both dozed a little, but not a proper sleep, until the alarm went off at 5.30am and so started a longer than usual day!
I finished the dreaded brown zig zag socks and was not happy to discover a fault in the yarn.
A whole band of colour (green) was missing!
Annoyingly the fault was on the first sock and I didn't notice..although I did notice the join, which irked me somewhat...who wants a knot on a sock? Very uncomfortable!
It would appear when it was rejoined they didn't join at the right part!
I emailed King Cole, who surprised me with responding within the hour!
They have asked me to send the ball back...well slight problem seeing as I have knitted it up ( how else would I know there was a fault!)
Anyway lets see how they respond  to my reply, reminding them I had actually knitted up the ball.
I don't intend unpicking the sock, it will spend most of its time in a shoe I guess, but its a little frustrating to say the least.
I then blocked them, along with another pair I finished a while ago...
...and guess what...got straight on with ANOTHER pair...and ANOTHER yarn that I am not particularly in love with!
I bought this ball of Stylecraft Head over Heels last year, before I discovered the lovely patterns available from WYS and Opal.
However, until my order from WYS arrives I thought I would be a good girl and try to finish this pair.
The rest of the day was spent catching up on paperwork, renewing some insurances having checked I had the best deal online, and generally catching up on things I usually ignore...including vaccuming books!
Hubby has a vast library of books, most of which spend years sat on the shelf and consequently the dust builds up.
Its one of those (many) jobs that no one will ever notice, unless they happen to pick a book off the shelf and then choke with the layers of dust!
The builders have been hard at it, the windows are now in, the wall by the door boarded in, roof covered in tarpaulin, which is just as well as it was pouring with rain just now!
The large wall has been plastered, insulated and then plasterboard put on top ready for plastering, that should keep the cold and damp out!
This wall has been a problem for years and the builder promised he would throw everything at to help the room be a more useable one.
He offered to lay the flooring for us ( not part of the original quote) so I have been out tonight looking at tiles.
I did have some idea what I wanted ( which is a miracle) and am glad I went and checked one lot out, in real life its very different to the website, principally because in real life it looks like it has had a pot of kids glitter glue dropped on it....those messy days are over, I really don't want to be looking at that all the time!
However it was a good move as it prompted me to visit Homebase who had very similar tiles, without the glitter effect and much cheaper!
Hubby is delighted at the idea he might not have to spend the Bank Holiday doing DIY...but it all depends on the quote of course!

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  1. It will be so worth it to get the floor tiled x