Monday, 29 May 2017

A DIY Bank Holiday

Well us Brits are known for spending our precious Bank Holiday's doing DIY, and for this family today was no different!
It started later than usual, firstly, we haven't had a lie in for ages, so made the most of it, and secondly, I had been up for a few hours in the night with toothache ( didn't have a problem with the tooth till it was filled last week!) so I took ages to get going when Hubby brought me a cuppa around 9am.
Once up we were resigned to the task ahead raring to get on with the work, which wasn't going to get done all by itself!
I painted the newly plastered walls ( Hubby kindly did the cutting in for me)
so instead of pink plaster walls we now have...
...shiny white walls

The downstairs loo has needed decorating for way too long, so today seemed as good a day as any to get started.
I chose a neutral colour ( my favourite at the moment)
So we have gone from this rather dated wood cladding to...
...painted wood cladding! (Oops a bit blurry!)
We took up the lino, which was the first of four layers!
I was shocked to see the extent of the damp problem when we lifted the lino....not before time we did something aye!
Hubby spent quite some time removing all the layers, but its just about there now.
We will have the same black tiles as the conservatory so hopefully the flooring will flow, as they say.
Hubby concentrated on the paving....starting by making our little path twice the width...something we had always intended to do when the Teens were Tots, to make trike riding easier!
Whilst they are of course way beyond playing in the garden, the path often proves to be too narrow, if I am hanging out washing and Hubby is on his way to the garage etc.
He also replaced the broken tiles he had lifted yesterday and decided to also lift a row of smaller slabs, feeling it would look better to have the turfs come down that little bit further, rather than have a mish mash of slabs.
Needless to say, there were the usual hiccups along the way, its always the case with DIY isn't it!
Painting is one of my least favourite chores and one I avoid if I possibly can, but it just wasn't going to happen if I didn't bite the bullet..
Of course I would far rather have spent the day sitting with my knitting!
The weather has not been great at all, but that was a blessing really as it meant we didn't have to feel miserable for not being out in it!

The Teens have been working too, Teen One (with a cold poor thing) is making in roads into her assignment and Teen Two fitted some maths homework into his gaming!
I had hoped the weather tonight would have been nice enough to have a BBQ on the beach, but we
have had an indoors BBQ instead whilst watching a DVD.


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  1. well done on the painting - I know how much you love it!