Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Day Of Celebrations!

Today has been a day of celebrations!
It started with wishing Hubby a Happy Birthday!
I packed him off with a bag of cakes, some home made some shop bought, to share with his colleagues...he reported the home made rock buns went first!
Next up was Teen One passing her driving test!
It has been a long road ( pardon the pun) but we are so glad she has finally achieved what her driving instructor felt should have happened long ago!
She now intends to take her Pass Plus before embarking on any solo will at the very least bring her insurance down.
Some Local Authorities give vouchers towards this course, sadly not ours, but its worth a look if you know someone who is considering taking the course.

I had bought two tins of Celebrations last year, one for Teen One and one for her instructor...I was so happy they were still in date when I presented them with their "well done's" today!
The celebrations didn't stop there....I re traced my steps from Monday, in my mind and remembered one more shop Teen One and I had visited....I called them up and guess what....they had found my shopping!
They have kindly agreed to hold on to it till I can get down.
I am pleased to say the builders arrived today, two lovely lads, very polite and hard working and left the site phase one is complete...the old conservatory is no longer!!
The pussies had a bit of a shock when they went to go outside!
Straight out into the elements is not what they are used to....they came back in pretty quick!
This is where they are used to finding their food and litter tray and it was rather a shock to say the least...despite the fact both are in the dining room, they seem to have forgotten that!
Whilst the old conservatory didn't appear to do very much, it clearly did protect us a bit from the weather, with the howling wind coming straight at the living room door, its been freezing in here this there was nothing for it but to light a fire!
With the enforced "stay at home" time, I cracked on with a new ball of sock yarn, by King Cole, but I can't say I am enjoying the colours or pattern particularly.
It was a bit of an impulse by last month, when I discovered a new wool shop in a small village, wanting to give her some custom, I wandered round and saw this....but it wasn't a good choice.
Oh well, I will soldier one, it might appeal to someone!

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  1. They've got on well with the conservatory - excited to see what happens next!