Friday, 26 May 2017

A Day For Indoor Jobs!

This morning the builders were back to add some rubber seals to the roof to ensure there are no leaks.
They are coming back Monday to wash it down and make sure its watertight.
I popped to the supermarket for a few bits and picked up some bedding plants
I can't put them in the back garden whilst we have the bunnies, but can brighten up the front with some tubs
I started to pot them up but the heat was so intense I had to abandon it until later...
but now its later and also so much cooler, I haven't got the energy!
I always say, hot weather is lovely...if you have nothing to do!
So instead of the planting, I spent the time making some desserts for tomorrow, tackled a pile of ironing and a few more little chores.
At Friday club it was "shop" which always involves a lot of planning and set up.
The two biggest sellers today were the free Lego trading cards from Sainsbury's and some little koala key rings we brought back from Australia.
Of course they were all looking for fidget spinners and Mash'ems ( had to google them!) but they were beyond our budget sadly.
My friend was delighted to be able to use her new washing line for the first time today....
ahh...what a lovely sight!

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  1. I know what you mean - you have to choose the time of day carefully!