Sunday, 28 May 2017

A Break From Routine!

This morning started with church as usual, and tonight ended with church again as usual, but in between we had a real break from routine!
The garden has been a builders yard for the past few weeks, and has also housed the leather sofa we no longer want.
So, with Grandma away with her other son for the weekend, I made the most of the "free" afternoon and set to tidying the garden up finally.
We have a taker for the sofa at last, hopefully they will keep to the arrangement and come on Tuesday to collect it... that is now stored in the garage temporarily which left room for the garden furniture to be put back under the gazebo.
Before I could do that, the patio needed a good hosing down, which meant clearing all the pots away, and realising most of them needed emptying anyway.
With the bunnies around, I don't think I will bother much with planters, unless I see some tall ones that they cant get into!
The remaining grass (mostly moss!) is going to be removed tomorrow hopefully and the ground prepared for new turfs.
We will also space out the stepping stones better, we had hoped to buy two more to reach the patio, but sadly they are no longer produced, so having spent two summers with a path that leads to nowhere, we will just have bigger spaces in between instead.
Unfortunately, at the time I chose to do the tidy up, the heavens decided to open!
But being a hardy soul ( sometimes!) I continued on my mission, just in case the urge left me when the sun came out!
There was a small problem with the hose, which Hubby decided to sort out, thinking it would be one of those quick and easy two minute jobs....well as you can guess it ended up being one fraught with frustration!!
We have some cracked paving slabs in the garden...mostly my fault from years of chopping wood out there on unprotected concrete ( I know better than to do that now!)
So when the conservatory was extended, we kept the good slabs that were lifted, to replace these broken ones.
It only occurred to me the other day that we now get charged at the local dump for rubble and soil.
Seeing as we have a forecourt of debris from the builders, which should have been collected a day or two ago, I suggested to Hubby he quickly dig up the broken slabs and add them to the mass of stuff awaiting collection, which we are of course paying for already  (included in our bill) so no sense in paying twice!
Once the rain had passed, Hubby  pulled up the offending slabs and tomorrow intends to replace them.
Teen Two probably had the most relaxation, indulging in some bunny hugging...
...whereas poor Teen One spent the afternoon preparing an essay....although not in her usual place.
She decided this ever decreasing in size space on the dining room table was just not big enough anymore, so has decamped to the attic where this is a gate leg table she can extend and fill to her hearts content.
I have started to call the dining room "the room of doom!"
If I can avoid going in there at the moment I do!!
Hopefully life will be back to normal soon!

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  1. Wow - you've been busy! Keep going - its all coming together now!