Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Power of Prayer!

Today was the funeral of a 97 year old man who regularly attended our Gospel services.
Hubby was tasked with the graveside and church service, and has been preparing for it since last week.
So to get a text from him yesterday afternoon saying he had tooth problems was not the best of news!
A visit to the dentist on Monday, to replace a loose crown, had caused some irritation on the gum, making it throb and swell....which had the knock on effect of meaning his one and only denture in the front, would no longer fit in the space!
He spent the afternoon and evening toothless and in pain!
There were two concerns...paramount was, would he be able to conduct the service in agony,
secondly, if the pain subsided enough for him to speak, would he be able to wear the denture or would he have to lisp all the way through and avoid opening his mouth fully at all costs!
So much prayer went up and thankfully this morning he woke to less pain and less swelling, so was able to fulfil his duties and not frighten everyone by going toothless!
I went to church early and along with a couple of other helpful members prepared the food.
After the service everyone thanked us for the spread and in particular the home made cakes.
That was very kind of them indeed, especially as the Victoria Sponge I baked yesterday ended up being slightly undercooked when we cut into it!!
Arrgg! It looked "normal" and did all the "normal" things....a skewer came out clean, it shrank from the sides and was firm to the touch!
Oh well, I guess it wont hurt anyone!
This afternoon Teen One and I went to our Outlet shopping centre, still in search of a skirt to take away.
I did find a reversible one which was ok....but may be tricky to match with a top, so not sure if its a keeper or not.
I did however buy a nice top in the M&S  sale which when I went to pay for it was reduced by another 50%!
Tonight is parents evening for Teen Two, which I am hoping will answer some questions we have regarding September.
Weather wise its been a glorious day and the washing line has been in good use!

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