Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sock Addiction? What Sock Addiction?

This morning we had a lovely lie in and of course a cuppa in bed.
Whilst we had nothing specific to do, there were several things we wanted to achieve.
With our big adventure to Australia just a week away, we wanted to go through the itinerary, print everything off, make sure we had sent all the relevant details for car hire to the website, checking our baggage allowance for the hold and the cabin, and generally made sure we were all organised and not missing anything vital.
Had we discovered anything major missing, we at least had a week to get it sorted.
There is only one confirmation waiting, from the motel we have booked for the second week, but we have emailed them already and will print off all we have just in case there is any issue over there.
All that took most of the morning amazingly enough!
In between times I made some soup for lunch...Red Thai Butternut squash again....really need to try something else, but we all love this one so its quick and easy to just do the same old!
After lunch Hubby waxed the newly sanded dining room table...its a lot darker than the dresser he did for me last year, I hope it will lighten up with drying.
He also spent a considerable amount of time chopping up the remainder of the wood from next doors old windows, so the forecourt is finally clear....for a while!
Teen Two did some bunny hugging...
...Teen One went to see Beauty and The Beast with some friends,
sadly one took ill just before buying her ticket so had to go home, such a shame, they had taken ages to organise a day they could all get there.
But Teen One enjoyed the film with her other friend and I know Teen Two wants to see it, so I will get to see it sometime soon no doubt.
I cracked on getting the suitcases out then sorting out the gifts I have been collecting since last year.
Its surprising how many I have got! Mind you, there are five different branches of the family to visit, so it will soon disappear!
You will all know that I have been avidly knitting socks since around Christmas time, lined up it doesn't look very much considering all the hours I have put into it!
It could be said I have become rather addicted to knitting them and I am looking forward to making some for myself now these are made.
The first four pairs are knitted with West Yorkshire Spinners Bird collection.
I thought it was something typically British in several ways, the sheep, the spinners and the birds the colours are based on.
The sock wraps are downloadable from a Facebook group and the luggage style gift tags we made ourselves.
I printed off pictures of the birds represented and glued that to the back of the label...
...and the front were simply made using some freebie home made linen labels and the addition of a teeny button.
Teen One and I made the tags over Christmas and I kept a few back for this purpose.
I must confess to feeling a little apprehensive about these socks as pressies, what if they think
"Socks? Who gives/wants socks?"
Is it only crafty people who would appreciate a gift like this ( and maybe not all of them!)
Oh well...worst case scenario I get to keep them all for myself!
Another gift we have bought, more for the men in the family I guess, is a Roman coin each.
There is a Roman Villa nearby and artefacts are still found by treasure hunters, they are also  fairly cheap to buy from a craft centre near the villa. We hope they  will be thought of as something rather unusual ( they're that all right!)
Our US friends really appreciated the age and history of such a gift, so we hope these have the same reaction.
Sorry about the terrible shot, but these are some little gift boxes I have been making this afternoon, using an old road atlas.
Again, I thought it would be more interesting than a shop bought box and each box is made from an area of the UK that is relative to each person.
I will use some more of the atlas for wrapping some of the smaller presents too.
The weather was lovely today, so whilst we didn't make the most of it by getting out and about, I did at least manage to dry three loads of washing.
For dinner I decided to do something fairly quick and easy, whilst using up food in the fridge.
Hubby used to love omelette chips and beans when he was an apprentice and its been a long time since it was on our menu....I cant say omelette is my favourite way to eat egg if I am honest and I have a weird hate of beans and egg together...however as I was probably going to be having a more diet friendly meal I decided to send Teen Two round to the chippy and get the chips ( you cant beat chip shop chips!)
Its been so long since we used the chippy I didn't know how much a large portion would be!
For the record, it was £2.40, I hope that was average!
When I told Teen One what we were having for dinner she said
"Omelette and chips? That's a strange combination!"
Clearly its been a long time since Hubby had one of his favourite meals!

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  1. You've sure been busy - but the planning is half the fun isn't it?