Thursday, 6 April 2017

"Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String"

The door bell rang early this morning, there was the postie with a little brown box in his hand awaiting my signature.
Not quite a brown paper package tied up with string, but the modern equivalent!
I knew just what was inside, but wasn't expecting to be so thrilled by the delightful way my purchases were presented.
What a pleasure to open these delightful little tissue paper parcels...
...knowing what was inside didn't detract from the  pleasure of opening them up.
These dear little robins are hand made in Devon by    The Tartan Trout.
I was given one some Christmas's ago and have bought several since then for various presents, particularly overseas gifts.
I even had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at a craft show in London one year, quite by chance too!
She has other spoons available, including Rosie Robin and a Christmas pudding.
I am sure our family down under will be as delighted with this unusual gift as I was when I first received mine.
I save mine for Christmas, he is the perfect for the cranberry sauce pot!
At Parent and Toddlers this morning, our Dear Old Soul made these sweet little rocking chicks,
all cut out by hand too...not bad for someone almost blind!
Then when I was doing singing time with the tots, she laid them out like if they were swimming behind their mummy!
They also had "laid" some choccie eggs which was a surprise for the little ones!
As well as Easter marshmallows from my basket, the tots also had their gift bags to go home with,
so there was smiles all round today!
The mums were all smiles as well...we used up the scones from yesterday's funeral, with cream jam and fresh strawberries on top.
After clearing up, it was time to be Taxi of mum.
Teen One's friend was unwell today so wasn't able to take her in.
We found out with just half an hour to get organised to get her to the bus stop for the two hour journey, although today it only took 1hr 40mins.
I offered to collect her, its only just over half an hour in the car and would allow her to have to have a longer afternoon for her course work.
She really wants to get as much done as she can before going away...although bringing home maths homework today has made that less likely!
Whilst travelling home I took a phonecall ( hands free of course) from the hospital offering us an appointment tomorrow for Teen Two's allergy testing.
Its not at our local hospital and will take about an hour to get to, plus at least two hours there for the testing, so my plans to get organised tomorrow have been postponed to Saturday!
I know I could have refused the appointment but to be honest will be glad to know what, if anything, we need to avoid when we are away.
This afternoon has just been general clearing up and piling up of items needing to be packed.

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  1. lovely packaging - and good to hear that something is being done about Teen 2