Sunday, 2 April 2017

A Poorly Grandma

Our morning started as usual, getting ourselves ready for church when we had a call from Grandma to say she was feeling full of cold, so was staying home.
I did say she was welcome to come round for dinner as usual, but she declined.
After church, with dinner done, Hubby nipped round with a dinner for her and then unusually we had the rest of the day to ourselves.
No playing games, no chit chat about how the week went or what plans we had for the following week.
...I baked a carrot cake for the funeral on Wednesday...
...packed up the Easter gifts for Parent and Toddlers later in the week.
The books were from The Bible Society, 50p each,
the bunnies were knitted from a square using this pattern
the choccy bunnies were from Lidl and the gift bags I bought in Ikea sale earlier in the year.
Next up was to tie up the little gift boxes I made with an old atlas yesterday, I thought parcel string
would be ideal.
I feel as if I am on top of the pressies now for next week....thinking of next week...this time next week we will be in the air!!
Teen One cracked on with course work, which is coming in thick and fast!
Hubby designed and printed off the Orders of Service for the funeral
 and then prepared his message.
Teen Two had it easy for the afternoon and enjoyed some gaming fun.
Although we were all doing different things, we were with each other for most of the time,
I love the fact our living room is the hub where we all come together, even though we are often doing different activities, we are still together.
All too soon it was time for our evening Gospel service.
The preacher finished earlier than usual, which was great as we then had to set out the hall ready for
Wednesday's funeral.
I did as much as I could in the kitchen, getting crockery out etc, so will only have to concentrate on the food when I arrive early on Wednesday.

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