Monday, 3 April 2017

A Nut Free Nut Loaf!

This morning Teen Two and I called in to see Grandma, with some dinner for her to heat up, and thankfully she was a little better.
We then called in to see our Monday Recycled Teenager, who was also feeling a little better, but still waiting for her hospital appointment to come through.
When in Lidl's I fell in love with this spring basket, I really love the strawberry flowers and fruit
Teen One also loved it ( I knew she would) so for a couple of quid it has added nicely to our Spring/Easter decorations, and no doubt I will find some treats to hide inside.

After lunch Teen Two cleaned the car for me, I almost envy him if I am honest, that power hose is great fun!
The afternoon was spent doing as little housework as I could get away with, then starting to sort some clothes for packing.
Teen Two got the gerbils out in their play pen and also printed off instructions for the pet sitters.
I am not a vegetarian, but do like veggie food, and often linger in the vegetarian section of the freezers in supermarkets, drooling over the variety available.
I often choose a vegetarian option when out as well, but I love meat too much to even consider giving it up!
Today however, inspired by something I saw in the freezer of the supermarket, I decided to try my hand at a nut roast....but because of Teen Two's recent nut allergy it had to be nut free!
I used this BBC recipe as a guide, then added pumpkin seeds, linseed and sesame seeds for some texture and also switched a celery for leeks, adding more lentils to replace the volume of nuts missing.
I didnt bother with the sauce as I was already making a leek and carrot medley is made with a  cheese sauce .
It didn't want to slice nicely for me, but everyone said
it tasted delicious so that's more important, maybe when cold it slices better, but who wants it cold!
With  the small amount of lamb left over from yesterday's roast, I blitzed it up with some wholemeal breadcrumbs, leeks and left over brown rice, along with some mint jelly, formed it into patties and baked until heated right the nut roast, it wasn't too pretty to look at but tasted good according to everyone.
Whilst dinner was cooking I picked up some knitting, having not done any for a few days I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms!
I am hoping for a quiet night in with plenty more knitting!

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