Friday, 7 April 2017

A Day With The NHS!

This morning Teen Two and I had to go to Southampton Hospital for allergy testing.
We arrived early so indulged in a Costa and lemon tart for Teen Two.
It was just as well we did as it was to be another five hours before we ate or drank!
First up was to number his arm and the add various liquids followed by pin pricks... up was a fifteen minute wait in the waiting room, where we sat and watched the varying degrees of reaction.
To cut a very long day short, he is currently classified as having a severe nut allergy, so anything "may contain/made in same factory" is to be avoided which seems to rule out most cereals and chocolates and as for eating out...well just don't even go there!
We knew he was allergic to dogs, but were surprised to learn it was cats as well....that must be minor as there is no sneezing or sniffing at home.
Sadly, the little marks we see on his arms when he holds his gerbils, is evidence he is allergic to them as well! However I think he feels the suffering is worth it!
He had to have a blood test, which proved to be rather dramatic, the lack of liquid meant they couldn't find a vein (if only we had been told earlier we would have ensured he drank!) and after several attempts he almost passed out in an instant the nurse whooshed back the chair to make his head lower than his legs and whooshed round the curtains so no one else saw the drama!
Another nurse was drafted in and eventually using a tiny line they managed to draw some blood!
As he left he said "I'm sorry to have been so much trouble!"
Next challenge was to get home and get a prescription for a second epipen....well our doctors receptionist wouldn't even consider showing the doctor the letter we had from the hospital, despite me saying we fly at the weekend and HAD to have it according to the other doctor.
I was sent to our local hospital where a duty doctor did it with no trouble at all, phew.
By this time it was almost time to go to Friday club, with no dinner (or lunch!) I had bought Teen Two a McDonalds on the way home so he was ok and Teen One had been to Pizza Hut at lunch time, so just Hubby and I to scrape something together for....poached eggs it was!
Having got home, hoping to get some packing sorted, one of the cat has suddenly become ill!!
She seems very poorly, being sick is normal for her, but she is walking around yowling and not letting us near her....why do these things happen right now!!
I will probably stay with her overnight and if she is no better get an emergency appointment with the vet...right before going away this is not how we want to leave things for someone to have to deal with.

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  1. glad that you've got teen two sorted before you go away and hope that the cat picks up xx