Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Bundle Of Bunnies!

This morning I had to pop in to town for a few bits and was also
 hoping to find a new skirt
to replace the ones that no longer fit me.
Sadly I didn't find anything I liked, but did come across these as I walked through the food department of M&S ( it was on the way to the clothes section...honest!)
Now then....apricot, marzipan and chocolate are three of my favourite things..so all in one bar...and proclaiming to be guilt free...well I just had to try them!
They were indeed very yummy!
Yesterday in Morrison's I saw these in the home baking section.....although they were a trifle expensive (£1.85) I thought they would be perfect for the carrot cake I had made for tomorrow's funeral.
Normally I use walnuts in the cake and chopped pistachio on the top ( that green and purple is soooo pretty!)
But with Teen Two not being allowed nuts at the moment, I replaced the walnuts with sultanas and was wondering what I could put on  top in place of the pistachio....so this really solved the problem for me.
So if there are any left overs, I can bring it home and let the Teens finish it off!
After lunch the builder came to measure up for the new glass roof in the conservatory.
Whilst he was measuring up the door bell went.....my late neighbour's son presented me with this adorable bundle of bunnies!
Why five?
Well he very kindly bought one for Grandma!
How kind!
Next up was to make a plain sponge for tomorrow, which is a shade too "golden" for my liking, but its amazing what a dusting of icing sugar can do!
Last night I did indeed get my wish for a quiet night in with some knitting,
it was sheer bliss!
I belong to a Facebook Sockalong group (whoever knew such things existed!) and having posted the pictures of my socks with their labels on, was amazed to get almost 350 responses of praise and
"can I buy them?" posts!
Let's hope the recipients they are destined for think the same!


  1. wow - apricot, marzipan and chocolate! Off to M & S as we speak!!

  2. thought you'd like them! There were other flavours, but nothing can compare with these ones for me!