Tuesday, 28 March 2017

"You'll Never Guess What...!"

Today I promised to take an old work colleague out for coffee, so I was pleased to see the sun was still shining on us...albeit a little cloudier than yesterday.
I took her to a garden centre out in the country, one I hadn't been to before.
I forwent lunch in order to indulge  in this lemon drizzle blueberry cake, it was very yum...
...my friend went for Red Velvet.
We had a good old catch up, and I  was astounded, when congratulating her on her recent Golden Wedding she said "it wasn't Golden, it was Diamond!"
I told her she must have been a child bride!
We enjoyed looking round the garden centre, which had lots of things I could have spent my money one, including a lovely wren by Vivid arts they really do make amazing  products!
They also had a stunning silk flower department, with an autumnal door wreath I simply fell in love with!
I may have to go back and buy it when I have convinced myself £30 isn't too much to spend on myself!
We then drove on to a nearby village called Wickham, which is a regular drive through for our family and a favourite place to visit, with its pretty market square.
We browsed through the many indoor market stalls....
...one of which was a new wool shop, and I couldn't resist buying yet more sock wool!
 This pair will be for me, I wear brown ankle boots quite a lot in winter and thought this colour would be perfect.
The owner was rather bemused at the current interest in sock knitting and had no idea it was as big as it is, so I left her with some info on blog and Facebook pages to check  out, in the hopes she might drum up some online business....I would love to see her new business succeed...and to be honest, it was why I bought a ball of wool instead of just admiring it!
On the journey home, my friend was telling me about how when sorting out the contents of her late mother's house, they kept coming across wads of money, in drawers, sewing boxes etc.
Then one day her sister ( who was still living in the family home) called my friend to say...
"You'll never guess what... I just found a suitcase full of money!"
When they counted it there was over £9000 in it!
It appears  for years she drew her pension out each week
and put all the unspent money in this case!
Talk about an unexpected windfall!
My kids are going to be very disappointed, there will be no hidden suitcases filled with cash for them to discover!
Back home, it was time to sort the laundry etc, do the daily mini work out ( which I did twice!)
then write out a card for my doctor, who is taking early retirement.
We have lost several doctors from our Practise in the past year, its been very sad to see them feel they no longer want to be part of the NHS for one reason or another.
But it has given us an opportunity to say thank you to them for all their hard work.
We have had a lovely set of Doctors over the years, things won't be the same.
My flowers are still looking as fresh as the day they were bought!
I do love the yellow tulips, still tight and upright.
During our catch up today, my friend had mentioned she had been to a funeral recently and heard a piece of music she had fallen in love with.
Perhaps Love by Placido Domingo and John Denver.
She wondered if it was possible to buy it and how to get hold of it.
I was delighted to find plenty available on both Amazon and Ebay, new for under a fiver,
so I have ordered her one as an early birthday present.
Just in case it comes after we go away I have arranged for it to be delivered to her house...I wonder how long it will take her to work out who ordered it!
Thinking about funerals, tonight Hubby has to meet a lady who called into our church last week, asking if we would do the funeral of her late uncle.
He wasn't a member of our church, ( his late wife was) and it was his wish for us to conduct his funeral.
So on top of getting ourselves organised for Australia, we now have a funeral to sort.
Grandma is going to go with Hubby tonight, as she knew the late gent more than I did.
Thankfully its early enough in the year for Hubby to still have some leave left, although his firm are very understanding of his lay preaching responsibilities and as long as he makes up the time don't mind him being away for a few hours.
I am now making lists for food ideas, its a very early funeral, 9.30am so my feeling is we wont want sandwiches an hour later, so am thinking maybe sausage rolls, scones, cake ...maybe carrot/coffee and walnut.
Any left overs can be hoovered up the next day at Parent and Toddlers.


  1. What a lucky find - but I must confess that I thought your blog title referred to yet more sock wool!!