Monday, 20 March 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends!

Last night I seemed to spend the whole night dreaming we had visitors coming this week which I had completely forgotten about.
I spent the night trying to see what food was in the freezer for meals, trying to plan meals, trying to get to the supermarket to buy was a complete nightmare!
In the middle of it I had a pain in my side, which I think must have been part of the dream as I woke pain free!
It was not a restful night at all and most of today has felt like I need to prepare for visitors!
I hope that's not how our families in Australia are feeling about our impending visit!
The morning was my usual Monday, a visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager, sadly she is not too well and has to go to hospital on Wednesday.
She had the all clear from her womb cancer last week  (with 9mth checks up) but now has some unpleasant abdominal issues, so we hope this isn't connected.
In Morrisons today I saw these new Cadbury's bars, which I thought would be fun to take out to Australia....I just hope they don't have them already!
This afternoon Teen Two had a lesson in pastry making....
...which produced a chicken pie for tonight's dinner...
...along with some cheesy parcel made with the left over scraps.
I saw these trellises in Lidl and thought they would be perfect for our clematis, which we hacked down to the ground practically, when putting up the new fence.
Having put them up, they seem much smaller than when they were in my trolley!
They seemed about 6' high but are only just above the main trunk.
Oh will be a start, the shoots are starting to come already, so I will encourage them along and see how things go.
As you can see, the bunnies were eager to investigate the change to the area!
When my late neighbour's house was being emptied, their son asked if I would like an almost new wheelchair.
Well whilst I, thankfully, didn't have a need for one, its the sort of thing that comes in useful!
It was destined for the tip, so I decided to keep it "just in case."
Thankfully we still don't have a use for it, but over dinner yesterday Grandma said her daughter's father in law is now so weak he needs a wheelchair and the one they had been loaned was too heavy for his wife to use, let alone collapse and get into the car.
I wasted no time in emailing them and asking if they were interested in a new lightweight one...and yayy....they were delighted!
So tonight Hubby will take it in from work and I am thrilled it was worth keeping it after all. 
 They have emailed again  this afternoon to say how excited they are to receive it!
Nice to tie up "loose ends" so to speak, isn't it!

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  1. It sure is - I hate waste so its nice when something finds a good home x