Friday, 24 March 2017

A Heart For Others

Today Teen One's Uni lift wasn't going in, so I took her in instead, which works out quite well, it means I can mooch around some shops we don't have locally, get my weekend shopping done, and if there is enough time left, sit in the car, listen to Radio 4 and do some knitting/crocheting.
I still need to make a few more bunnies, so am using up some stash, and decided to crochet squares instead of knitting them, they are a bit quicker to make.
I finished off a cream square I started last night...
...completed a lilac one...
...and went back to a sock I had started a few months ago, and had forgotten all about!
When I was in Tesco the other day, I saw in the reduced section they had packs of two toothbrushes for 16p and tubes of toothpaste also 16p.
I have several friends who pack up toiletry bags for missionary boxes, so called one of them and asked if they could use any toothbrushes etc...needless to say, she was delighted to have some, so I picked up 60 of each.
I also bought a handful of toothbrushes for home, always useful and great if visitors forget that little essential item!
Our story at Friday Club tonight was the feeding of the 5,000, so  we took along a loaf of bread and some jam ( didn't think fish would go down too well!) and let them make jam sandwiches.
Who would think such simple and cheap items would go down so well!
They were thrilled with their task and munched into them straight away.
Some made three!
I did confess to the mums when they collected them but no one seemed to mind thankfully!
As it's Mother's Day on Sunday here in the UK, we also ran a craft table for that as well, just in case any of them hadn't managed to buy/make anything for their mums/Grandmas.
These pretty cards to colour in were free to download from
Hobbycraft's website.
We have just been watching some of Comic Relief, and a little girl died from malari during part of the filming.
Teen Two was very moved by this and asked to donate some money to save another child's life...
so we have accepted his money and sent the text YES to 70220 on his behalf....
however, we will sneak the money back in his piggy bank later.
It's lovely to know he has a heart for others and is prepared to share what he has.

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