Friday, 10 March 2017

That Darned Sock!

Starting with last night, on our way home from Footy, Teen Two and I called in to Tesco, to buy some treats for him to take into college  for an early birthday bash.
I walked past the bakery section incase there were any reductions...and boy were there reductions!
I was like a kid in a sweet shop....
...just look at the prices!!!
I think 6p was the most I spent on things, we had scones, crumpets, bagels, naan bread, scotch pancakes, Warburtons bread, chocolate brioche....all for pennies!
The rest of the evening was not so exciting...having knitted up to the toe shaping, I realised I had put  a  marker in the wrong place and had to pull it all out back to the heel....grrr!
Today has been foggy and damp....the spiders webs were bejewelled all day long!
After shopping and housework I took time out to try and catch up with the knitting....I am never satisfied until I have knitted up all the unwound wool....really irritates me otherwise... a constant reminder of my wasted time! my bid to whip round those rows...I ended up doing too many decreases and by the time I bothered to count I had knitted ten rounds too many!!
So yet more unpicking!
The spiraliser is still defeating me, so I tasked Hubby with making some courgetti to go with our spag bol tonight...but it seems our machine doesn't make spaghetti shapes...its ribbons (on the right) or little strips....and the "left over mushrooms" really make me smile!
Well by the time it was all mixed in with the bolognaise I don't think anyone would have realised it shapes weren't as they should be!
The cress from last week's Friday Club grew well and the kids were delighted with them
This week's story was Jesus stilling the storm, so we made boats with some plastic
"banana boat" containers that I have had for about 10 years, from a recycling bank now closed.
Finally....great excitement for me today, the scales today showed I had lost 2lbs since yesterday!
Bizzare or what, when I can go a whole week with no change and then 2lbs overnight!
It means there is only 1lb to go for a stone!
It seems to have taken ages, but in actual fact its only six weeks, so assuming I manage to lose a pound next week, that's an average of 2lbs per week, pretty steady I guess.
I decided to try on some dresses that haven't fitted me for many a year, and I can get in them all!
Mind you, its not a pretty sight yet, a little too much tum showing, but at least I can get in them!
I tried on a skirt I had bought in the sale last summer....true it was always a little big in the waist, but today it just fell right off!
So I am right chuffed...but the weekend is not easy and we are going out for a meal on Monday so that will be a challenge, however, today diet life feels pretty good!
Today is a little anniversary for us.....23years since we moved into this house...and can you believe there are still two rooms that have never had a lick of paint?
Its not through want of trying believe me!

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