Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sushi School and Sweet Treats

Yesterday started with a birthday surprise for Teen Two....
Sushi School.
He loves sushi so I thought this would be an ideal present.
Two hours of learning how to roll sushi,
with plenty of sampling along the way
We all enjoyed the experience...
...but had no idea how much we would be making,
the boxes piled up!
Before we left, we were each given our own bag....filled with all the sushi we had made, our own rolling mat, chopsticks, certificate, recipe book etc.
I can highly recommend it for any sushi lovers.
However....we ended up with so much sushi!
There was no way we were going to be able to eat it all in the allotted time, so have spent a lot of the weekend giving it away!
We fitted in a little bit of shopping, I treated myself to this sweet plant pot holder,
I thought it would be perfect for when I buy the pretty little daffs in yellow pots at the beginning of spring.
We then drove over to Chichester to have our passports added onto our flight details...its four weeks today that we fly!
I can hardly believe how soon it has come round.
Back home we paid for our airport parking and ordered a hire car for the last few days.
All that is needed now is to check on the pressies and get some AUSdollars.
In the evening we headed out to Newbury for a church meeting.
There was a huge supper, and after we were all encouraged to take boxes of cake home.
It comes from a bakery who give unsold items to the homeless....but it seems even the homeless can't eat it all, so it is offered to local churches.
This fruit cake was delicious, came ready cut too...

...this "caramel heaven" flapjack was melt in the mouth delicious, with a caramel topping, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and chocolate chips...mmmmm!
We were being persuaded to take a large box of plate size Belgian buns...however they are one of my weaknesses, so we took this half box of pastries, which whilst being favourites too...I knew I could resist.
We had some for Sunday tea and took the rest to church, what wasn't eaten I managed to box up and share out.

Our Sunday was a usual day, other than we have a very excited Teen Two who is looking forward to his special day tomorrow.


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