Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Spring Is In The Air!

There might be much debate out there as to whether March 1st  is actually the first day of Spring,
but for me St David's Day means the winter is behind us and Spring is here.
Yes we still get some damp and cold days ( even snow!) but the crocuses, daffs and snowdrops are all out and its great to have the evenings getting longer with the promise of more to come.
Hubby came home last night with a new gadget....scales that measure your body fat....oh whoopy if weighing yourself was not depressing enough!
Apparently having the right amount of body fat is more accurate than BMI readings,
so says "the guy at the gym."
But you try googling "what is the ideal body fat" and it appears there is no medical evidence for a particular percentage ( thankfully it is a fact we females need more!) but there are guidelines...and it is even suggested its about the same as I am not convinced by this new gadget but will no doubt go through the rigmarole of entering in my data to see how far out I  might be!
For the moment I will stick to the scales and be very happy as one by one ( all too slowly!) the pounds drop off.
I have four pounds to go to lose a stone and it just does not want to come off....but I am sure if I stick all will be well!
With the beds stripped and sheets on the line  (cue the rain!) Teen One and I headed in to town.
She wanted some new jeans ( oh to be a size 10 and just walk into a shop, pick up a pair and know they will fit!) and whilst in Primark  (we have such class don't you think!) we saw this adult Pokémon onesie....perfect for Teen Two's up and coming birthday!
These are great for charity days at college/school/uni and for those spontaneous moments when we drive up to a nearby hill with a flask of hot chocolate to watch fireworks from the warmth of the car.
I noticed Heir Hunters was back on BBC1 in the mornings, so with some more housework out of the way I took time out to watch an episode on catch up and do some more knitting.
It must be very exciting to discover you have a long lost relative, although I imagine it must be tinged with some sadness to inherit money from someone you didn't know, or lost contact with.
I am always amazed at how many people don't leave a Will!
It must be a very interesting job being an heir hunter, although frustrating as well when you get pipped to the post!
A few laundry loads later, fire dressed for later and dinner chopped and ready to cook (surf and turf risotto tonight) it was time for another sit down with a cuppa and maybe a spot of knitting!
And being a new month it is of course time to change the postcard!


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  1. A pokemon onesie? Hangs head in shame!! lol x