Thursday, 2 March 2017

Seasonal Decorating

How lovely it was to wake this morning to bright blue skies....and still early too!
Bright sunny days always give me so much energy (although not in the summer heat!)
With Spring officially here ( in my books!) it was time to bring out the Spring/Easter decorations.
Not only does it remind me of being in friends houses in the US, but it marks the change in seasons and always gives us something to look forward to, each season holds its own particular family tradition.
Although I must confess to enjoying it much more when the Teens were little, and our house was decorated with hand made items, and how amazing would it have been to have the internet in those days with so many wonderful kids crafts to be inspired by!
Typical Milly...the minute I put down this Easter mat from the Dollar Store last year, she had to christen it!
She never fails!
For some reason I didn't put it out last year....maybe as Easter was just about over by the time we arrived home.
I also love the memories attached to our decorations.
This fake forsythia was bought in France a few years ago, near Alsace,
such happy memories!
This little ceramic treats tray was from a visit to New England one year
(can never resist the bargain section of the shops!)
This spring garland was a purchase from last year's visit to Vermont,
how we got it home without being crushed I'll never know!
Teen One fell in love with this egg carousel one visit, I keep meaning to buy some hollow eggs to use in place of the painted ones I bought years ago to hang from twigs in the fire place.
These little bunnies belonged to the Teens when they were little and have been "rescued" from the charity bag...too many happy memories for me, never mind them!
I have a little box of Easter decorations, usually hung on twigs alongside the eggs, yet to put up.
That takes centre stage in front of the fireplace, but its way too cold in the evening not to have the woodburner on right now, so that will make an appearance in a few weeks no doubt.
The rest of the day has been the usual Parent and Toddlers, laundry, housework etc, and there may have been some sneaky day time TV watching ( should never have learnt Heir Hunters is back on!) and some knitting of course.
Dinner tonight is toad in the hole, but I am not 100% sure what flour I we may be in for pancake style toad in the hole instead!

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  1. Loving those Easter touches - really lifts the soul!