Sunday, 5 March 2017

Oops...Who's A Naughty Girl Then!

Hubby started off the very wet and windy morning by bringing up a cuppa, but there wasn't much time for lingering, since it was church first thing.
As I had some lemons left from pancake day, I squeezed one over the chicken and stuffed one inside, drizzled honey over the top, sprinkled some thyme and rock salt over the top and it resulted in a rather yummy alternative to our regular roast chicken.
We had our usual games fest, and needless to say, King Teen Two won the Rummikub, but I nabbed the Scrabble crown from Grandma.
I then started the ball rolling for our car hire in Australia next month, our Villa owners have recommended a dealer opposite them, so we have asked for some prices.
Its all starting to come together, scary to think its now next month!
For tea I opened a box of panettone I had bought for Christmas, but not got around to using....
...big mistake...I could not resist having a small slice...or two....or maybe three!
Back on the band wagon tomorrow!

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  1. oops - but there again , sometimes you have to shock your body!