Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mother's Day Weekend Catch Up

Apologies for the delay in getting online, here is  little summary of our weekend.
Saturday started with a cosy cuppa in bed and glorious sunshine beating through the opened curtains.
Once everyone was up, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and take a trip to the Dockyard, in the hopes of finding some gifts to take to Australia.
All the dads have a naval heritage so it seemed like the ideal place to go, but we were rather disappointed and didn't see anything we felt was up to the mark.
Park and Ride is the easiest way to go and riding up on the top deck always gives such an interesting view.
Whilst the gift shop was a disappointment, the coffee shop with its home bakes goodies wasn't!
We mooched around a few shops, but didn't buy anything...makes a change!
Back home it was an afternoon of pottering, ahead of going out to a church meeting in the evening.
It was about an hour's drive from home, so by the time we got home and changed the clocks, bedtime was far later than usual!
Sunday morning I was presented with this lovely display of spring flowers,
which Teen One suggested to dad would be a good idea.
He bought them from our local florist and the quality of the flowers compared to supermarket ones was quite noticeable.
He bought this on Friday ( and hid it from me amazingly!) and the red tulips only started to open up once in the warmth of the house.
Teen One made me this cut card, Teen Two also made me a card.
I was also given a bottle of hazelnut syrup, which is something I love in my Costa coffees.
The rest of the day has been the usual Sunday, Church, roast dinner, a quick games fest in the afternoon as Hubby was out preaching in the afternoon.
He gave a Mother's Day message, we had tea with everyone, which included quite a few homeless eastern Europeans, then it was back to our own evening service.
A bit of a hectic day, but its been a good one.

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