Saturday, 18 March 2017

Low Maintenance Pets

This morning we had a lovely lie in, waking when we wanted, and a slow start to the day with a cuppa in bed.
The morning was spent pottering, making soup for lunch, a little bit of tidying, and a lot of chilling!
I made a lemon marscapone  torte, with a ginger base, for tomorrow's dessert....
.... finished the last of the British birds socks, and have started to block the pile that has been steadily growing since the sock frenzy began late last year.
Pinning out the socks was not easy, with the curves...and I wonder if  these blockers
that I read Attic 24 uses would be worth investing in.
Teen Two has been industrious today, he started by helping Hubby finish sanding down the dining room table...
...the sanding blocks were not much use on the edges and Teen Two suggested Hubby use something from his pen knife to scrape away the hard to get to areas...and it worked a treat!
It just needs waxing now.
Then it was time for the gerbils to have their home cleaned out thoroughly, they are such clean animals, their chosen loo area gets cleaned off several times a day, and the main section can go 4-6weeks with the same sawdust.
So long as you aren't rodent-phobic, these really do make excellent low maintenance pets.
Next up was the bunnies hutch, and they too have turned out to be low maintenance pets....choosing a small corner of the garden for their loo, means their sawdust tray is always clean ( but we keep it in the hutch just in case they get called short in the night hee hee!) so they just need new bedding from time to time, although these bunnies spend most of their time kicking their bedding down the stairs...preferring to sleep direct on the wooden floor!
And of course Teen Two never needs an excuse to bring one of the bunnies into the house for a cuddle whilst he watches one of his favourite programmes.
We daren't let them on the floor though in case they chew through any wires when we aren't looking!
Hubby too has been industrious, and after several weeks preparation, has finally put up the tongue and groove panel on the side of the bath.
We have lived without a panel for a few years....because peach is no longer available, so when our old one split I just cut up a cheap shower curtain to hide all the gubbins underneath.
Of course a lovely new white suite would be lovely, but for the time being we have things a little tidier up there now.
The reason it took a while to prepare is we had read lot of reviews that complained the tongue and groove was not sealed properly, so after a few baths was swelling up.
So Hubby sealed all the raw edges, then it had to be cut to size, and needless to say none of the walls were straight, so it ended up being a longer job than expected!
Tonight we went out to a church meeting and heard a lovely message on Daniel 3.
It's been one of those lovely stay at home days where we feel we have achieved quite a bit!
Teen One is still full of cold and has chilled on the sofa most of the day, enjoying not having to do too much.


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  1. sounds like a productive day - although you're right, those jobs always take far longer than you expect them to!