Thursday, 23 March 2017

Knitted Square To Easter Bunny

Today has been a cold and windy one, not at all like last week!
For Parent and Toddler's I made some Mother's Day cards with the tots....
I bought a pack of blank cards and envelopes from Poundland
took along a book of paper designs I have had stashed away for a few years, which the tots chose from and glued to the card.
The coloured doilies were £1 from The Works some time last year and the chocolate neopolitans were from Poundland in a box of nine, so all in all each card cost just a few pence each.
Back home I cracked on with some housework, laundry sorting etc, sorted dinner ( lemon chicken and rice) all the usual sort of stuff, but despite buzzing around the house, was absolutely freezing!
So, by early afternoon I broke with tradition and lit a fire.
The wind is blowing a hooley out there and rattling all the doors, it really is very unpleasant...the only benefit was it dried a line of washing I bravely hung out!
After my usual mini work out, I finished off the bunny making, it really is a very easy procedure for a change!
It's amazing what you can make from a simple knitted square isn't it!
Teen One asked if I was going to sew on faces and I think the answer will be no, faces can make or break hand made toys and I have never been completely happy with any faces I have done in the past, no matter how simple they look to do, they are trickier than they look!
Nine bunnies is all I was able to make with this particular yarn (given to me  a while ago and knits up like terry towelling) so I will have to make up a few more with wool from my stash to ensure I have enough.
Hopefully they will be enjoyed by the tots...I know a Teen who has his eye on one!

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