Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Just Following The Road Ahead

There were one or two things we had tentatively planned for today, but for a variety of reasons we ended up doing something entirely different.
Teen One has a stinking cold ( following on from her sore throat yesterday) so we toyed with a stay at home day, but in the end she was happy to make a cake for an unwell friend, whilst I did the ironing.
I had seen a recipe in The People's Friend for Marmalade Loaf, and knowing our dear friend
The Teddy Bear Man and his wife love marmalade, I had been meaning to make it for them for weeks.
Check out People's Friend website for some lovely recipes
With lunch time only an hour or so away, as soon as the cake was out of the oven, we hot footed it the 12miles to their house, but sadly they weren't it.
But never mind, I had written out a note just in case, and we left it hidden in their porch, hopefully
a nice surprise when they return from wherever they are.
The sun by this time had come out and the skies were brilliant was such a lovely day we decided to not go home via the motorway, but just follow our noses...not having any idea where the road we were on actually led!
Just following the road ahead, with no particular place in mind is something I love doing, discovering new places to visit and new things to see.
We drove through beautiful countryside, admiring the many pheasants that were out, and of course all the bright yellow daffodils.
We ended up passing a garden centre, by which time it was almost midday, so we decided to check it out.
Inside was a sweet little tea shop, which we hit at just the right time, the morning coffee folk were just leaving and the lunch time rush had not begun....but it quickly filled up so we did well to arrive when we did.
Teen One ordered Chilli and Cheese jacket potato...
...and I had celery soup...I did have the bread but not the butter!
They had some very delicious looking scones which another time I would love to sample.
Back home it was washing out, dinner sorted and then some time in the conservatory to try and get our creative juices flowing...however the task we set ourselves wasn't as easy as we had hoped!
Having seen some exquisite pebble pictures at a local craft centre, it seemed a simple enough job to create our own works of art...wrong!
So we will have a better look next time we go and see what simple tricks we can pick up!
Despite eating hardly anything (or so it felt) yesterday, walking miles, even walking Teen Two to footy and back...there was no change on the scales this morning!
FQ2FF has suggested rice (from all that sushi) may be helping to retain some its a good job I threw the rest of it away this morning!

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  1. I'm glad that you are getting the same lovely weather that we are currently enjoying x