Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It's A Tough Job...

Teen One has a Uni home studies on a Wednesday, so asked if I would take her for some driving practise today.
We had a pleasant and uneventful hour out on the road, and she is becoming more confident each time.
Its not easy going from a new car ( her driving instructor's) to my old Clio, which has all sorts of
"unique" features, that come with age!
Back home for lunch, I think I have finally cracked poaching an egg!
I loved poached eggs, done the traditional way in water,
on a bed of wilted spinach ( or even better smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce!) its pure delight!
The secret ( if you have failed miserably like me) seems to be to have the water STILL, but steaming hot.
I have had success every day this week so far  (ok so that's only three...but not bad!)
Now all I need to do is look at the clock when I put the egg in the water...I took this one out a tad too early and the yolk was runnier than my "perfect poach" yesterday, which I failed to take a photo of!
The afternoon was spent ironing, cleaning, putting laundry away, making a red Thai chicken curry and then a welcome break and cup of tea, when a friend popped in on her way home from work.
FQ2FF mentioned in her daily blog today that she had 1200 unopened emails...well I don't like to out do anyone....but I think I may just have!
Hubby has been in Bristol for work today, so goodness knows when he will be home.
He sent a text to say he has to take his visiting American colleague out for a meal tomorrow...
its a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

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  1. Wow - me thinks that you need to get rid of some of those emails!!!