Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hat's Off to BT!

This morning was of course church first thing, followed by the usual roast dinner...
..and some pretty good Yorkshires!
The afternoon was the usual games fest, we haven't tired of Rummikub yet and Teen Two is still better at it than the rest of us!
Like everyone, we get our fair share of nuisance calls and its fair to say they are on the increase.
The most annoying ones I find are the automated ones where you cant vent your frustration to a human being, or, as I sometimes do, engage in conversation with the scamming ones and ask if they cant find themselves an honest job!
It's possible though, that these constant interruptions to our day may be coming to an end, or at least diminishing.
We had an email from BT over the weekend saying we had been upgraded to a new FREE service!
When we received a nuisance call, all we have to do is dial 1572 and then press 1 to have that number permanently sent through to a junk voicemail.
There are several other features, but for the time being I can see me daily going through to
1572 to stop these calls coming through.
Hat's off to BT I say!