Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy St Patricks Day!

Millions of people around the world, will be celebrating
St Patrick's Day.
When we lived in the US the shops were filled with bright green decorations, gifts,
food items, black hats and shamrock with everything!
It occurred to me then that despite my paternal heritage being Irish,  from my father down, I know little about the customs
associated with St Patrick's Day, and here in the South of England it seems to pass us by,
aside from a few cards appearing in the shops.
However, as a nod to the side of my family I know little about...
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Sadly I left my camera at church tonight, so this will be a brief and imageless blog tonight!
It was the usual morning of grocery shopping, housework, laundry etc.
The builder came after lunch to measure up for the new conservatory.
Like all building projects this one is getting more expensive by the day!
We have yet to get the final quote, but with various things being added each time its going to be bread and dripping for a while!
When Hubby came home he went online to pay for our baggage in a few weeks time.
Internal flights in Australia ( and maybe elsewhere) charge for any luggage going into the hold, subsequently we are limiting ourselves to two suitcases, but even that over two internal flights comes to over £100!
The weather was much colder today, but still being dry, I decided to tackle the wild garlic which is spreading over the lawn moss! If only my daffodil bulbs spread as well!
Half of them have come up blind this year!
Friday Club was as hectic as usual, and I had to lay the law down somewhat over the disrespect some have been showing to the toys/activities, it seemed to work...for tonight at least but I am not holding my breath!


  1. You are so right - it was freezing yesterday but at least we didn't have the snow that America's east coast saw!

    1. Absolutely, our friends are snow in with all services shut down!